[Report] Thespians DAO Report for June - August, 2023

Hello Community,

We bring to you the Report for Thespians DAO Projects, June - August, 2023.

Kindly check the pdf file:

Thespians DAO Report June - August.pdf (544.4 KB)

Thank you for building with us…

Cc: @creativesdao-council


Hello @creativesdao-council

One, out of the two remaining NFTs has been minted today:

Social Media Video Teaser:
4 likes, 0 comments - thespiansdao on September 12, 2023: "Thespians DAO collaborates with @smartjobonson to release one of the most educating material on S..."

Updated Report:
Thespians DAO Report June - August (90% Completed).pdf.pdf (544.7 KB)

Thank you :+1:t4:

We will update on the last NFT and Teasers as soon as we are done with post production

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Hello @creativesdao-council

We are happy to announce the successful completion of our Metaverse Event which came along with a Bounty. During our Short Movie Premiere on the Metaverse, we communicated people who do not have a NEAR wallet should DM Roxy, and alot of our guests did.

We had 67 guests, and gave out $20 to 10 guests.

This report update is to indicate the completion of our Metaverse Activity off the the June - August Thespians DAO Funding Proposal:
Thespians DAO Report June - August (95% Completed).pdf (545.6 KB)

The last and only remaining update will be the minting of the BTS of our Short Film on Mintbase, which is currently undergoing post production.

Thank you :blush:


After one week of the Premiere of our Short Movie, HK on the Metaverse…

We have achieved the following numbers on Thespians Hub:

In this regard, we are happy to inform the Community that “HK” (Road To Freedom) is now live on YouTube:

Let’s run it up :rocket:



Hello @creativesdao-council

The minting of the full video of the BTS of “HK” (short movie) on Mintbase marks the conclusion of our June - August Projects.

Notwithstanding, activities and content Promotions would continue to move on as we are eager to get high numbers before the commencement of the September - October projects.

This report update is to indicate the inclusion of the Mintbase link on our report sheet: https://www.mintbase.xyz/meta/thespiansdao.mintbase1.near:c8898756c2f0813793a6d066bd88d4cc
Which of course marks the 100 percent completion of the June - August, 2023 proposals by the Thespians DAO.

Final Thespians DAO Report June - August (100% Completed).pdf (639.0 KB)

We promise to hit up more numbers and more reach as the month rounds up.

Thank you for always supporting us
@creativesdao-council :pray:t4:

Much regard to every member(s) of this beautiful community.

PEACE :v:t4:

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