[REPORT] Spiritual DAO Monthly Report - march 2022

Spiritual DAO Monthly report for march 2022

Council Members






Project Status Complete


Total Requested: 3619 USD in NEAR

Total Spent: 3619 USD in NEAR 500 USD in DAi

Total Left: 7.9536 NEAR / 7.8436 DAI /

What we proposed

Spiritual DAO March 2022 Proposal

What we have accomplished in March

We start the month with a little schedule delay because we receive the budget money at march 17. We decided to maintain the 4 podcast episodes, 4 events and 4 bounties. But we squeeze them into 2 weeks instead of doing them in 4 weeks.

We set a monthly theme to conduct all of our projects of march. You can see it here

All our projects were executed as you can see in the links below.

Show your soul bounties

Crossroad Events

Karma Podcasts

Hiring the Community

We use professionals to create and edit the podcast, to record the podcast, besides all our bounties that alone give 960 USD to the community

Financial Movements

You can see who we paid, how much and what’s for in the table below:

beetlejuice beetle-juice.near Art x4 Crossroads event $80,00 ok
the philosopher thephilosopher.near rent parcel Crossroads event $500,00 ok
Gush manutegus.near build Crossroads event $500,00 ok
manutegus.near DJ1 Crossroads event $50,00 ok
kintamani.near DJ2 Crossroads event $50,00 ok
techdir.near DJ3 Crossroads event $50,00 ok
oleg_espo.near DJ4 Crossroads event $50,00 ok
Sahil sahilmassey.near record x2 Karma podcast $300,00 ok
Morte Subita inc numbers record x2 Karma podcast $300,00 ok
Ian numbers video edition x4 Karma podcast $200,00 ok
beetlejuice beetle-juice.near Art x4 Karma podcast $80,00 ok
Duyhoa duyhoa.near most like 1 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
Bomman mimimamo.near first participant 1 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
mbel mbellei.near council choice 1 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
ptanhngoc1205 numbers most like 2 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
Azki tigondl.near first participant 2 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
LulucaL luluca_l.near council choice 2 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
agnesba agnesba.near most like 3 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
Dazo dazo.near first participant 3 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
pinkalsky pinkalskyy.near council choice 3 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
agnesba agnesba.near most like 4 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
l3v1at4 l3v1at4.near first participant 4 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
bagadefente bagadefrente.near council choice 4 Show your Soul bounty $80,00 ok
BeetleJuice beetle-juice.near council work council work $333,00 ok
Gush manutegus.near council work council work $333,00 ok
The Philosopher thephilosopher.near council work council work $333,00 ok
TOTAL $4119,00

Updated Project Timeline

Everything was done even though we star the month with a 2weeks delay


We believe that our projects were a success and connect all of them by a theme and use the events to host the podcast and prize was a move that make our community more close and engage.


We use our social medias to spread our projects, but we thing that at some point we will need to do an upgrade to do it better

Next Steps

In march we asked for 3619 of budget, but now we are thinking at other projects to add to our DAO with the rest of the amount possible to ask.

We are thinking in connect with other DAOs that similarity with Spiritual DAO too.

We are very happy to what we achieve. Spiritual DAO community is rising and it is already connected <3

Keep up the good work guys

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thank you so much for your support. It’s very important to us <3