[APPROVED] Funding Proposal for Spiritual DAO – August 2022

[PROPOSAL] Funding Proposal for Spiritual DAO – August 2022

August 2022 Funding Proposal for Spiritual DAO

Council Members






Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000USD

Divided and accountable by:

  • Spiritual DAO Content Creation (four members) - 1060 USD
  • Guided meditation (5 videos x 100USD) - 500USD
  • Yoga videos/ Vipasana 10 days course - 500USD
  • Art Therapy class and exposition - 500USD
  • Council work - 1500USD
  • Near hub parcel save - 500 USD
  • Site develop - 440USD

Total budget: 5000USD

Previous report

[DAO month report]([REPORT] Spiritual DAO Monthly report for july 2022)

Relevance and justification

The importance of these projects are

  • Creating art and content in line with global spiritual practices;
  • Creation of spiritual content which already has demand and can potentially make Spiritual DAO self sustainable;
  • Creating a team which can create content and can function in a decentralized way by the use of AstroDao;
  • Onboarding spiritual practitioners and teachers from around the world to share their knowledge and wisdom without having to worry when funding stops.


Here you can access all of our projects


Month: August 2022

Week 1

Set the content creation for the team

  • Designers
  • Audio Engineer
  • Video Editor
  • Hatha Yoga teacher/Vipassana teacher
  • Spiritual teachers for guided meditation


  • Guided meditations raw files to be recorded by various yoga teachers and shared with audio engineer.
  • set the benchmark and research for the site

Week 2


  • Video editor create 15 shorts

  • Send 1 Yoga video for edit

  • Designer creates 10 spiritual themed designs that are generating revenue on various print on demand marketplaces.

  • Audios of guided meditations to be edited by audio engineer

  • organize and announce the art therapy class

  • wireframe of the site

Week 3


  • creation of 5 cards by the hired designer

  • Send 2 and 3rd yoga video for edit

  • Send guided meditation audios to video editor to edit

  • Upload designs on print on demand store

  • layout and content of the site

week 4


  • upload guided meditation videos on youtube and mintbase

  • create NFTs and mint them

  • upload created material

  • Send 4th and 5th yoga video for edit

  • host the art therapy class and exposition

  • finish and publish the site

  • make payments

  • close month

  • make the monthly report to Creatives DAO


We set our metrics base in our derivables that are:

  • 10 arts with an unity design to be minted at Spiritual DAO mintbase store
  • 5 tarot cards to continue the Tarot Deck and mint them on mintbase
  • 5 guided meditations videos that will be uploaded in youtube and minted in mintbase
  • 5 yoga class videos that will be uploaded in youtube and minted in mintbase
  • 10 small videos to use in our social media
  • 5 guided meditation edited videos with high audio quality to be upload at out Youtube Channel and minte at our store in Mintbase
  • 5 yoga videos uploaded in Youtube and minted in Mintbase
  • 20 creative arts to share our DAO
  • a website
  • a art therapy class with at least 5 students and an exposition after. The arts will be minted in mintbase

Council work

The council work is a known job, but can have a little difference between DAOS.

Our Council work consist in:

  • Make the monthly reports and proposals;
  • Receive the money from NF;
  • Ask for vote approval in Creatives DAO;
  • Make CFC for the DAOs that have vote on creatives;
  • Organize and follow up with the collaborators of the DAO;
  • Make a financial spreadsheet to follow up the finances;
  • Upload the content on Youtube;
  • Mint the content in Mintbase;
  • Create proposals of strategys to the course of the DAO;
  • Create proposals for guidelines of the DAO;
  • Input material in social medias
  • Share our content in the telegram groups;
  • Find and bring new valuable members to spiritual DAO;
  • Always be aware of the content we are producing*;
  • Organize the month;
  • Organize de projects and how can it be done;
  • Help members to enter the ecosystem on Gov.near.org and AstroDAO
  • Manage the Spiritual DAO telegram group;
  • Menage the other 3 work telegram groups;
  • Reply and help members that needed
  • Going to find others DAOs that can do collaborative work with us -

(The payments will be made in NEAR or DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO. NEAR value is set at the conversion rate it was sent by NEAR Foundation to the DAO)


Not too bad.

I’m looking forward to seeing a Creatives mod who is going to approve the expense :smiley:


hey guys
haven’t been here for ages, cause nothing spiritually interesting is going on there in your DAO (being spiritually rich person and being deeply involved in the discourse i was interested by myself as a hobby until i got that it’s a no from me, and it gives me nothing, so i left)

but now it’s interesting a lot to make short analysis of past months))

look, 19th of June i’ve got such messages from your council @Cryptonaut :



there he said that mods won’t approve goadao proposals if our DAO has 2 councils

2 months past, half from your plan, but you by yourself are still on the same point as 2 months ago, :

  • having 2 councils only
  • having no content and no outreach of it
  • doing totally nothing just dividing budget into 2

good sustainable business, isn’t if @Cryptonaut ? :slight_smile:

it’s very easy to make these conclusions - just to pay small attention on your small posts (@creativesdao-mods why nobody from you is doing that?? your guides for proposals and reports are senseless if mods not follow it at all)

so what’s going on with your report, guys?
you have many topics about july report, but nowhere i can see no one link at least to youtube channel.

  • how to watch videos that you took money for? could you show any video somewhere in your reports?? (you can see any my report - i clearly understand how the report has to look like)

1)[REPORT] Spiritual DAO Content Creation Team - july
2)[REPORT] Guided meditation - july
3)[REPORT] Yoga videos - july
4)[REPORT] Onboarding spiritual teachers and conducting monthly AMAs - july
and - no one metrics, no one number there in reports, no one link !!
how many people saw your videos?
how many people were onboarded grateful to these videos?

and if to find spiritual dao youtube page using search (you’re not providing links), what do we see there:

they’ve just uploaded videos in few minutes before posting report LOL
no comments needed, i guess,

and this is just a user’s feedback, not a report !
** if i were a Mod, i’d perform much deeper research of this case, i’d count all transfers on astro-dao with clear understanding how much NF funds are going directly to nowhere instead of something useful

*** and yes, now i’m ready that next my proposal to Creatives will be rejected for sure ;)) but i’m ok with it. for these money that spiritual dao has taken from NF one small country could feed its kids for a while or buy medicine to hospitals. it would give much more positive value for NEAR reputation,…

@David_NEAR because of a number of such cases i’m hearing many negative feedbacks about NF when visiting web3 conferences from people who have applied for grants but didn’t get a response and then they visited this forum,… the reputation is damping very fast as well as the level of trust to NEAR.
@David_NEAR if you tell me it’s ok, i leave it and never come back to it or any other proposal.
but i believe in web3 and in its opportunity to create something big and valuable for society by the community on the basis of trust. it would never happen to NEAR if such cases are continuing

have a nice day all of you :slight_smile:


Hi @johanga

The intent and line of questioning in your comments always interest me, as they never add constructive value but are always passive aggressive snarky remarks.

Nonetheless, as there are unaddressed comments on the post, let me try and answer your questions. Hope its adds to your spiritual richness :heart:

  1. The images you’ve posted where I asked you to increase the number of councils, was because you had 1 council, which was you only and 2 members. Not 2 councils as you are portraying.
    This was highlighted by the other moderators and I shared the message with you so you could make the changes.

  2. The point of adding more councils is quite an open topic in our community. We have just added more members to our community who are very new to the whole system and are working hard to produce and edit content, record guided meditations and Yoga videos and create some wonderful artwork - The people who’s work you find “not spiritually interesting” as you’ve mentioned in the comments.

A community of 14 on chain members who come for meetings and are a part of content creation. All of them know that we are looking for council and within 3 months from June, which turns out to be September, we will assess who is interested in being a part of the council and would love for them to join the group.
We’ve said before in many community calls on creatives DAO if a you haven’t heard already and internally all members know about this.

Content -
We have about

  • 23, guided meditations 5 mins to 20 mins (2 more in render)
  • 10 Yoga videos, Philosophy and Asana practice of 30 mins to an hour (5 on YouTube, 5 rendering)
  • 120 minted NFTs of all the artwork we had bounties for and now producing to stick on merchandise in our mintbase store

Outreach -
Outreach requires funds to market our content. We tried reaaching out to marketing DAO but they denied our funding, saying we’d need some more followers before they can fund us.
It’s a catch 22 situation there. We need funding to get outreach from marketing DAO and marketing DAO needs outreach first in order to fund us. We’re still figuring out how do we reach out more.

We are producing content as we are funded for a creative endeavour. If we had marketing funding, your question of outreach would make sense however, right now there is no correlation between creative funding and outreach numbers.

It’l be interesting to know how you think Spiritual DAO is functioning and who is coordinating between 14 members to produce content, create proposals and report and organise meetings, if you think councils are not doing anything.
If you want to know more about what councils do, please read our report to understand.

Looks like you’re in a hurry to watch some guided meditations that help with calm and help find composure. They are being rendered and you will be able to watch them in just a few hours.
The thing is, we have our team all around the world and videos we render takes time.
We received our funding not even 10 days ago and I don’t know if you understand but creating the amount of content we are doing takes time and revisions. It’ll be great to have some patience.

Don’t understand the problem with uploading videos just before sharing the report. In the amount of time we got this month, it was beautiful that our team and members could pull this off.

Also, After you did a deep dive into my DAO, I just skimmed through Goa DAO and found interesting numbers.

Goa DAO has 227 Instagram followers and 4 YouTube subscribers.
If you do an average of the last 15 posts on Instagram, every post gets - 7 likes.
YouTube - has 4 subscribers.
You get $400 for maintaining and content creation. I wonder what you tell Marekting DAO that they give you this funding. But it’s not our business. I’m sure it isn’t easy navigating web 3 and I believe you’re giving your 100% even even though marketing budgets don’t reflect growth in numbers.

It will be good if you put your time into constructive feedback and suggestions rather than creating smear campaigns. It will help you provide more value to our DAO and save my time that I waste in responding to your unnecessary comments. :pray:


Proposal is so elaborative, also I guess you guys added very small small things to make it more lengthy. Don’t get me wrong as it’s my Personal opinion​:pray:

These are some examples, ofcourse these are the basic duties of a council but it was highlighted like big thing​:zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks, have a good day​:v:

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hellow @iamanansari , how are you?

Off course i will not get you wrong.
Yes i put all the stuff for 2 reasons:

1st im annoying and like to set things in the minimal details :sweat_smile:
2nd i didn’t really know what the moderators wanted when they asked the DAOs to explain the council duties, so i try to reach it all, big and small work.

I didnt wanted to high light them like all got the same amount of work. Maybe, next month i can divide in 3 category (S/M/L or dayly, weekly, montly). I will think about it.



Better :+1:

With that, they might be thinking that $1.5K is alot for a council work that’s why they asked to explain the work, it doesn’t you will point every step you follow​:grin: Sorry JK. I loved your explanation :v:


How interesting for someone to complain about passive aggressiveness being passive aggressive.



@johanga thanks for talking about it. I’m very interested in the metric of what didn’t happen X what has been approved for funding. How many good projects ceased to exist for strange reasons or because people did not trust to invest their reputations in the Near ecosystem anymore. I myself have one of each to count in this percentage of NO.

It is clear that the rules apply to some and not to others and this has a lot to do with the luck of getting a good moderator evaluating. Or maybe a good friend who is a creatives mod and dao council same time.

Imo, the rules are not being clear (because they also deal with subjective values), nor decentralized is happen as intended (sorry, I think it’s wrong to be a creatives mod and dao council).

To @beetlejuice :heart: you and I know you work hard. Keep doing it.

No one called me on the subject but since I was censored in a comment here on the forum I have taken the opportunity to share my thoughts in a polite and constructive way as I was requested.


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Dear Spiritual DAO,

I leave my opinion after seeing the full report you have updated here. Tbh doing a $5000 proposal in just 9 days is unimaginable.

I totally appreciate your effort, but I have to say even when council can rush in producing content, the community can’t rush to digest.

I believe that there’s many ways to create traction utilizing the available resource, so using money to get traction is not the only way. FYI:

Together with opinions laid out in conversation above, I personally don’t support this proposal. Since traction is a very important thing to measure the success of a project. Note that this is my personal opinion, not represent Creatives DAO mods.


Hellow Williamx, how are you?

Thank for your reply and compliment. I work with projects, service and organization outside Near protocol, so i think this helps a lot. When i compromise with something, no matter what happen, i will do it.

I appreciate the quote from mkt dao with those links, will study a form to use them.

I understand that your final paragraph is not the mods opinion and your personal opinion, but, anyway i want to address about it.
I agree that traction is important when we talk about marketing subject, but we are creatives and doing a difficult job to join art, spirituality and metaverse/web 3 cause we believe this is a great niche and unexplored. And because it’s unexplored we are doing baby steps. Now we have a grate amount of content that we can spreed and reach more people. But even with this issue we have goes from 2 members to 14, and this was a success for us.

Hope you can take a look at our content that was create with a lot of our dao members and give us the benefit of the doubt to continue with our work. We really believe thats an important work and we have (since june) a great team working with us and our material had a huge improvement.


Hi William,

Thanks for your comment. Just want to understand when and where was this decided as a criteria to measure success by creatives?

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Hey Spiritual DAO,

I see much is going on here and I want to give my input. I think the work of your DAO is interesting and helpful. In the future I would imagine that mindfulness/health related communities will integrate onto Web3 on a larger scale and give/desire offerings like this so it’s cool that you are experimenting as one of the first. We should keep these types of things in mind as a community - that we are still in such early stages and new ideas may take some time to take off.

I also think all of us who spend a lot of time on the computer screen could benefit from mediation and stretching :wink:

Here is where my concern comes in. You are producing a lot of content and I am unclear on what the direction of all this production is going. I would imagine having a platform with all of your content in one place would be brilliant as more people engage. Right now there feels like there may be a bit of rushing happening and an effort to make as much content as possible for the maximum budget.

Overall I want to support your project as I see the potential for your efforts to create some beautiful spaces in our ecosystem. In this proposal particularly, I enjoy the art therapy class idea! I would like to suggest that perhaps this budget could be extended into September so you do not have to rush the creation of all these tasks.

I will allow other moderatos to give their input too.


Hellow Adrian, how are you?

Thank you for your reply. I really think in the same way about the new and fruitful space that spiritual related subjects have in web3.

About your concern: Spiritual Dao is creating a site to hold all of our content. But this is the first step.
We are developing another project and we want to share a draft of it.

For now we want to make more steps into this project to properly share it with the community.

At last, we agree with the extension into September. We know we can do the content in a very short time - we are doing this since February :cry: - but we will appreciate (our health too) the extra time to do the projects with calm.

thank you for your help <3


Hey Adrian,
Thanks for your support, I’m really glad you like the concepts we are working on. :slight_smile:
We’ll keep you and the community posted about the art therapy event in the metaverse with our new member @lu_inaya

The plan was to have the spiritual DAO metaverse ready by August end but that might get a bit delayed as there are multiple projects NearHub is working on. However we anticipate my Mid October the metaverse should be ready. Sneak peek shared by Rafaela on the post on top!

Our goal is quite ambitious as we want to connect with real life and web-2 based spiritual communities, invite them to NEAR and help them to create a metaverse where they can get benefits of becoming an early adopter of the web3 space.





All efforts being put to create content is to showcase to the communities as to

  1. How visitors can have an immersive and meditative experience in the metaverse via guided meditations
  2. How a metaverse space for a spiritual community would look like so they can visualise their community space and would get them excited to create one for their own community.
  3. How communities can hold events in the space.
  4. Have a space for our creator members to monetise through the content and nfts created, as we will have token gated membership for the events eventually, and the fees will be distributed to the DAO.

We’re almost getting done with phase 1 (building) and hence the reason for rush.
We are really excited about the phase 2 as that is where the community will have it’s own space and we’ll be able to do a lot of exciting events and also test the space for onboarding other communities.

Phase 1

  • content creation - Ongoing, almost reaching it’s completion.
  • finding spiritual teachers who will be community members interested in a web3 project - Ongoing
  • Creation of website - To begin
  • Creation of the Metaverse - Ongoing
    Phase 2 testing the spiritual events and gatherings via metaverse
    Phase 3 onboarding real life spiritual based communities and providing

It’ll be good to get your viewpoint about our roadmap. Do let us know if you have any suggestions or recommendations. :pray:


Thanks for waiting @beetlejuice @Cryptonaut @Asadmusic
It was a very difficult decision to make, due to the great debate that we had here on this topic,
with some constructive critics and also other questionable comments…
but I’am happy to announce that August Proposal was approved by the majority of the Moderators team.

I hope the issues pointed from other moderators can be consider on Spiritual DAO roadmap, and also would like to ask community members to keep this place of discussion a healthy environment, and all jokes can be misinterpreted and cause unnecessary harm on each others members of this community.

N̉Oͤ T̑I̔M̿Eͩ͑ F̳OͪR̿ͫ ᷊CY͉BͤEͨ͠R͉͝ B̔ŰL̪ͭL̟I͢N᷆Ĝ