[Report] Progress of let's support project

Project title: let’s support
One-liner: Develop a platform for people to fund their projects.

Project Summary: Let’s support is a platform for people to fund their projects as well as others’ projects with no constraints. The platform support funding using NEAR tokens.
Series: NEAR Certified Developer Bootcamp.
Project member: Rasha AbdulRazzak.
Period: 1-12-2021 —> 17-12-2021


  • Change the design of the website
  • Add pages for creating projects, list projects, list projects by their category and page for each project
  • Add categories to the project
  • Writing test for the smart contract.
  • Add social share
  • Add pagination to the projects page
  • Add scripts to help run the smart contract.
  • Add a function to check if the account exists when creating the project.

Link to website:


Link to the git: GitHub - rashaabdulrazzak/NCD-L2-projects-web: react app for smart contract
Note: the project is not completed yet and the final version will upload the same link


Hello ! Thanks @rasha, this is great, @grex @andresdom check this Crowdfunding project


@FritzWorm what a good idea @rasha, oriented to fund projects, so interesting @blad1 take a look !

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Cool, @rasha ! Thanks for sharing!