[REPORT] Programa de Bolsas artísticas

I was very happy to have been selected for the first Artist Stipend Program! Over the past few months I have been very busy and had great progress with the “Atlas of Work”. In October I have participated as a speaker in the Symposium of Aspect Change, hosted at the HKB - Bern Academy of the Arts. There I presented bits of the book, soon to be printed, and also shared a little about the creative processes that have lead me to it. It was an extraordinary opportunity to network with other artists and researches in the field of language, arts and philosophy, and also get a lot of feedback on the project before finishing it.

Besides the Symposium, I have also been collaborating with Lisbon based performer Gaya de Medeiros on a project entitled “Atlas da Boca”. This project is composed by two parallel pieces: a live performance directed by Gaya and an independent publication designed by me. The project has been freely inspired by two of my previous publications (“Brief Atlas of Work” and “A Foreign Tongue”) and the performers biographical experiences around sexuality and identity. The performance had its pre-premiere at Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, in Lisbon in November, during the Alkantara Festival. The publication – “Brief Atlas of the Mouth” – has its printing estimated for December 2021.

The funds provided by the Artist Stipend have already been received and will cover the printing of the final version of the Atlas of Work. Printing has been postponed to February 2022. Some preview images have been shared with the Incubadora DAO and already published on its website.

This has been my first time using crypto currency. @JulianaM has been specially helpful and patient with my doubts during the process! The process of claiming and receiving the Stipend has been smooth and easy. I haven’t yet converted it, since the printing has been delayed, but I already became familiar with the process. The amount will certainly cover most of the printing costs!

I’d like to thank this initiative! I hope I can continue to collaborate with this amazing network of creatives!


Thank you so much for posting this report! We feel proud to know that we could contribute with your practice and support your career somehow.
As soon as you have news about your project, please let us know! It’s super important for us :star_struck: :star_struck:

We wish you all the best! And feel free to engage more with Incubadora community whenever you feel interested!



João :star_struck::raised_hands: que chique tu aqui também :kissing::heart: