[REPORT] Primordia DAO I June 2022

Primordia DAO Report I June 2022

Hey Creatives,

From our June Proposal we accomplished a successful launch at Primordia DAO of DAOs at NFT.NYC!! Here is our Recap Video of our Event and some photos:

World Owned did a great job with our graphics and official event poster:


  • Onboarded 11 new DAOs
    • Cafe Thic
    • Nothing But Hits
    • Nothin But Hits Media
    • Nothin But Hits Records
    • B Patt Productions
    • Xibalba NFT
    • Pet Gas
    • Rising DAO
    • New Soul DAO
    • We’ed DAO
    • Black History DAO
  • Organized & Hosted 1 high level event at NFT.NYC
  • Produced 15 Social Media Graphics for our event
  • Gave away 4 products produced by onboarded DAOs
  • Distributed 103 NEAR Wallets
  • Distributed 153 NEAR NFTS
  • Received 384 Visits on our Satori NFT Campaign
  • Collected 246 emails
  • Distributed 320 Event Tickets
  • Released 2 Event Press Releases
  • Featured in 1 Journalism Piece
  • Produced 1 Recap Video of our Event
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hey, @adrianseneca, any update on 4 Physical Products?

Yes we completed all 4 and had them as giveaway raffles at our event on June 23rd at NFT.NYC. I have a video that shows all of them and will post it shortly.

Here is a photo set of the jewelry that was made. We didn’t place it on display at the event because we couldn’t have someone watching over it and ended up using it as a giveaway online to encourage people to get get NEAR wallets and claim our NFT.

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Well I can’t post video so I am giving screenshots from the video! Our videographer will be out of town for the next few weeks so my apologizes for the low quality here

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