Report platohedro hub july-august

We have been in Documenta 15th, as part of the art collaboratory network, we made many things that are nice to share here.
Platohedro made Code as commons that was a series of activities
power to the commons: 4 dyas of assambly with africans organizations and shred with the people in Documenta

Radio and performances at Trafohous: In this avenue we can shared with the people in the street , Trafohous is a park where we made diferents activities, like radio sessions and beatiful performances.

Intercommons power object: an Instalations of Alex Correa

Workshop shadows and lights in web3 and crypto world: In collaborations with AKA format, a collective in Kassel

Meetings and working gruops with Arst Collaboratory The opportunity to have some conversations in 3D with people of A.C. after two years of online meetings

Livecoding performance At Berlin with Olivia Jack we haved a great moment wthi toplap and a presentay¿tion of Noisk8

In all these spaces and activities we shared conversation about NEAR and Shared some NEARdrops