Report: Onboarding to professors and students of the School of Plastic Arts

Report: Onboarding to professors and students of the School of Plastic Arts

We are very happy with the results we achieved with this initiative, today we can say that we have incorporated a large number of artists into our ecosystem, who were trained in blockchain, web 3.0 and everything related to Near Protocol’s NFT platforms.

We carried out 3 sessions, which 2 were virtual and 1 face-to-face, fulfilling the expectations of our proposal.

Day 1: August 9, first webinar where Blockchain and NFTs were discussed, with a total of 18 attendees.

Bitcoin, Blockchain, how the blockchain works, Characteristics, generations of cryptocurrencies, Web 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0, advantages of the Near Protocol blockchain.

Inducción a la tecnología blockchain y NFTs para artistas de la Universidad de Carabobo. - YouTube

Day 2: August 10, second webinar focused on NFTs with a special participation of the Nativo NFT and Nearbook team, with a total of 16 attendees.

-Interaction with the Paras Marketplace in charge of NCP Arturo Hernández.

-Participation of Leyner Aponte creator of NearBook.

-Participation of Alan Estrada, member of the Nativo NFT team.

Day 3: August 11, practical face-to-face activity with the opening of wallets and the creation of NFTs on NFT market platforms such as Paras and Nativo NFT, with a total participation of 13 attendees.

Created wallets: 17 new Near wallet

NFT Certificates: 17 Participation certificates minted


Total reach: 5.386.

List of NFTs created by the artists:

Miguel Torrez
Wallet: torrezmancha.near

Vanileiby Rivas
Wallet: vanirivas.near

Ysaac Ochoa
Wallet: ysc-rvan.near

Venessa Pulido
Wallet: vanemyart.near

Natasha Pineda
Wallet: natpineda.near

Maria Valentina Frías Schwab
Wallet: ruchanthecat02.near

Moisés Mercado
Wallet: qatzevert.near

Johazmin Michel Zeider
Wallet: michelzeider.near

David Omaña
Wallet: davixodiaco.near

Jesus Maldonado
Wallet: jesus_art_chain.near

Jhonny Sandoval
Wallet: jhonnys.near

Due to the success of the sessions, we received the invitation from Nativo NFT to carry out weekly interviews with the artists of our community, a weekly activity called ArtRoom Nativo.

Interview to Ysaac Ochoa

Interview to Miguel Torrez


congratulations for your achievements including those artists in to the web3 world through the NFT’s :muscle:


An amazing job guys!!:fire:


Nice report!
All activities were captured and well presented, glad to see great work going on, on Near good initiative :blush:


Hello @Arturoahs
Thanks for the report.
What about targets

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Greetings @mr_free
Regarding the proposed objectives for this onboarding, we have the following results:

✓ Promotion on social networks:

• 7,082 People reached.

• 5,367 reproductions (13 videos created and disseminated on the main social networks).

✓ 5 simple design:

7 likes, 0 comments - Near Education (@neareducation) on Instagram

✓ New NFT: 43 new NFTs minted.

It is worth mentioning that the artists who participated in this onboarding are currently being interviewed by @cristinavlous in the Nativo ArtRoom program, sharing their experience as artists creating NFTs with the community:

✓ New wallets created: 17 new wallets created.

✓ NCA / NCP new students: 13 new application records have been submitted to attend the bootcamps offered by NEAR University. We are currently waiting for the schedule to be developed by Near Hispano to guide the enrollment of new students.

Looking forward to continue working together in this great work and counting with the support of this honorable DAO, we remain attentive to your answers or observations.

Thank you very much.


Amazing partner. Congrats on the great work.

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