[REPORT] Ocupação Nomade em Santos em Homenagem a Gilberto Mendes

this report refers to: [Proposal] Ocupação Nômade em Santos em homenagem ao Centenário de Gilberto Mendes [sept/oct]

Hi Nomades!!

Here is the report of this Nomadic Occupation in Santos, celebrating this great Brazilian composer Gilberto Mendes.

flyer by: Blua Discórdia y Ster

Due to the delay in receiving September funds (they arrived on October 11th) we decided to adapt this proposal in order to release the event. As we had already agreed with Concha Acústica the date of releasing, and it wasn’t possible to change the venue, we present here the changes.

What happened:

We agreed to support the performance of MobiDance VI, gathering the artists @fly and @l3v1at4 producing the sounds, with @leticia_esposito , @mariana_taques.near and @thaisampr dancing. In live projections, @pinkalsky and @estheriorizada .

on the road:

Fly and Levi went to Santos from Rio de Janeiro, Pinkalsky, Thais, Mariana and Leticia from São Paulo and Esther from Sorocaba. It was a one day journey - the team arrived on Monday afternoon, to perform and came back on the same day, after the event.

Fly and Levi arrived very early, and stayed on Ibis Hotel until the check sound time - their tickets were RJ - SP - Santos | Santos - SP - RJ

Thais went twice to Santos to attend to the following event:

that was previewed in the proposal, to happen on Tuesday, but at least happened on Wednesday.

At Concha Acústica:

The Nomadic team arrived at 4:30 pm at Concha Acústica to meet other artists and check the sound of the event.

Due to technical conditions of the open space and the danger that the rain would offer to the technical equipment, all artists decided to perform together so it would shorten the time and minimize the risk, which turned out to be a great improvisation session, as well as a possibility of connecting to other artists.

Part of this was broadcasted by local television.

shot of the scene

all artists together


By all the changes, this budget will pay the costs of the trip and the artists work, as the spreadsheet below:

nome transporte ida transporte volta alimentação uber outros extras valor em BRL valor em USDC (5,31) artists work USDC valor final por pessoa USDC
letícia BRL33,70 BRL32,50 BRL22,00 BRL16,00 BRL8,8 (metrô) BRL 113,00 USDC21,28 USDC65 USDC86,28
mariana BRL33,70 BRL32,50 BRL37,00 BRL0,00 BRL 112,00 USDC21,09 USDC65 USDC86,09
Thais/ two days BRL54,86 BRL63,50 BRL39,00 - BRL17,6 (metro 4 x) BRL 174,96 USDC32,95 USDC65 USDC97,95
pink BRL24,00 BRL32,50 BRL17,00 BRL8,80 (onibus) BRL 82,30 USDC15,50 USDC65 USDC80,50
esther/ flyer design + performance BRL65,56 BRL32,50 BRL62,17 BRL33,00 BRL4,40 esther emprestou 65 DAI para Fly antecipando os gastos da viagem BRL197,63 USDC37,22 USDC85 USDC122,22
fly BRL109,90 buser BRL216,90 foto do comprovante enviado para pink da viação sampaio BRL34,91 da rodoviária até minha casa . Chegou às 23:20 no Rio fly ao receber o valor total, deve repassar 65 DAI/ USDC para esther BRL 361,71 USDC68,12 USDC65 USDC133,12
levi BRL109,90 buser BRL216,90 viação Sampaio BRL19,92 (ida para concha) + BRL 10,96 (ida para rodoviária) = BRL30,88 BRL256,00 (hotel) R$ 613,68 USDC115,57 USDC65 USDC180,57
blua discordia/ flyer design - - - - - - BRL 0,00 USDC0,00 USDC20 USDC20,00
TOTAIS BRL1.655,28 USDC311,73 USDC495 USDC806,73

From the original budget of 1270 USD, 806.73 USD were used to hold the events, leaving the value of 463.27 USD. This amount will be applied to the Nomade Label DAO account, serving as a cash fund to support future projects.

How to ask your payouts:

Every account listed below, please, go to astrodao to request your payout, according to the following spreadsheet. Please link this report in your request!

Thank you!!

nome carteira near valor
@mariana_taques.near mariana_taques.near 86,09 USDC
@leticia_esposito leticia_esposito.near 86,28 USDC
@thaisampr filmesdeinfiltracao.near 97,95 USDC
@pinkalsky pinkalskyy.near 80,50 USDC
@fly flygoa.near 133,12 USDC
@l3v1at4 l3v1at4.near 180,57 USDC
@estheriorizada estherlourenco.near 122,22 USDC
@blusw blua_discordia.near 20 USDC

Some Brazilian media promoted the event:

Centenário do maestro Gilberto Mendes é celebrado com programação cultural em Santos | Santos e Região | G1



Valeu amiga @estheriorizada :wink:

Foi mara pegar o material original de @thaisampr, e só fazer a minha parte de arte (degenerativa) e dar pra ster fazer o design do cartaz, gostei dessa linha de produção

quero mintar isso em breve.

Vamos mintar os posters?


It is so amazing that we are celebrating Gilberto’s 100 anniversary! Today, 13/10/2022 is officially one hundred years after his birth. He would be proud and happy to be with us! Well, he is!

The Week Gilberto Mendes continues, and I would like already to invite all people that are in Sao Paulo to celebrate with us on 16/10/2022 at Cine Bijou, with a screening of 3 films with him and the happening “deconstructing Gilberto Mendes”.

It also will be shared in Voxels land in a date do be defined!!!
See bellow the flyers with more the informations!

About the films that will be screened:
100 Years of Gilberto Mendes
Three films with and about Gilberto Mendes in honor of the 100 years of the Brazilian composer, followed by a chat with the directors and crew.

Gilberto Mendes, Olho-Urubu - 6min
The pupils, the music and the epiphany of Gilberto Mendes.
Direction: André Guerreiro Lopes
Year of Production: 2015
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Genre: Doc Poem
Age Classification: 12
Distributor: Sesc TV / Estúdio Lusco-Fusco

G.M. 8 cantos - 13min13sec
From Mundus to Inaudito: 8 moments with composer and conductor Gilberto Mendes.
Direction: Gregório Gananian
Year of Production: 2019
Country of origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Genre: Poetic Essay
Age Classification: free
Distributor: Zaum Produtora

Com Meus Olhos de Cão - 45 min
Com Meus Olhos de Cão, is a film of “friction” that uses the book of the same name by Hilda Hilst, as a stimulus to create a narrative of relationships between the memories and the work of the composer Gilberto Mendes. Gilberto Mendes died in 2016 and would have been 100 years old in 2022.
Direction: Thaís de Almeida Prado
Production Year: 2020
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Genre: “Friction Film”, Essay, Avant-garde
Age Classification: Free
Distributor: Filmes de Infiltração

Soon more info !!!
Filmes de Infiltração DAO together with Nomade Label DAO are also organising the onboarding of some collaborators such as Marcio Barreto and Gregorio Gananiam!

Stay tuned folks!



yeees to minting those posters!


é mais colcha de retalhos ainda! As imagens que fiz, foram dentro de um evento performático que o Daniel Kairoz e o Gregório Gananiam fizeram com o Gilberto. Um mar de colabs! srsrs <3


Esperando ansiosamente esses mints!!

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