[REPORT] NxM Social Media - Telegram & Twitter April, 2022

Hello Everyone!


I’m @GabrielMuse01 on Telegram.

For the month of April, I have co-handled the NxM Telegram group with @Sleezy_Moss - with great pleasure, I must add. I have solely handled NxM’s Twitter (also with great pleasure). The following is my report:


Follow us on Twitter: @nxmlive

Although the amount of tweets dropped by 33.3%, and mentions by 18.8%, profile visits shot up a whooping 180.6% and Tweet Impressions by 30.8%. I also find it significant to report that we gained 157 followers​:tada::tada:

An unabridged statistical analysis is provided here

The following are the steps I will take to both consolidate on the improvements and mitigate the slumps:

  1. Create more Tweets

  2. Create more Retweets

  3. Create liaisons between existing social media


Please, join our Telegram group here

The NxM Telegram group is home to well over 500 [552, to be precise] incredibly talented music stars of different genres. We have great fun socialising, brainstorming and helping one another create good music.

At the behest of @Monish016, I added the Combot Telegram bot. The rest of the Telegram will be provided by Combot analytics

The following are the steps to be taken to get better results in May:

  1. Kick off our Telegram Quizzes with @Sleezy_Moss

  2. Create more innovative ways to engage members

  3. Facilitate more creative collaborations.

The following pictures provide quick details for easy perusal. [Consult the links above for details]

For Telegram, courtesy: Combot

For Twitter, courtesy Twitter Analytics

This concludes my report for April, 2022.



Wallet ID: cryptomuse01.near
Amount: $300


Nice report, please submit your payout to NxM DAO in $NEAR.
Thank you for your amazing work in NxM!

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It’s my pleasure @Paul.

Thanks for the opportunity and guidance.

Greetings @Monish016

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I’ve submitted my payout @Paul