[Report] NEAR VENEZUELA [April]

Greetings Nearians, the present month has been very satisfactory and amazing for the Near Venezuela Community. We have achieved an exponential growth in all our Social Networks of more than 35% up. We have carried out an educational campaign which is giving good results, since we have 160 people interested in obtaining a certification (NCA, NCD, NCP) :nerd_face:. This could be possible, thanks to the support of marketing vertical, which gave us the impetu and motivation to achieve the growth that we are currently presenting in its initial phase.

In May we want to exceed expectations and continue to show that with a little support we can achieve the goals set before. Our main goal will continue get enthusiastic people to learn about Blockchain (NCA) and also continue to grow as a community, getting people - who are part of our community - participate in the activities and with their virtues and skills can grow in this world. :earth_americas:


In my case, I collaborate with the community on various tasks, focusing on moderation and setting up the discord and telegram channel. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:

Hereby, following I attached my report:


Good news! this month we increased approximately 35% in new members. :rocket:

Community messages:

We can see that the interaction within the community is high and fluid. :boom:


This month we increased approximately 40% in new members in our discord. :space_invader:

Community messages:

The interaction within the discord is a little slower but more effective since within it communication is used more for projects, revisions, translations and contributions to the community. :writing_hand:

We want all the Nerdians who are part of the Near Venezuela community and who participated this month regarding the present growth with the support of Vertical Marketing, to tell us and show us the achievements they have achieved:

@FritzWorm @Mineriavirtual @LuisAponte99 @Arturoahs @jeph @blad1 @Alecaseg @ame9986 @user7 @yehosua.near


Good morning, Neardians. Today I want to share with you the achievements we’ve made thanks to Marketing Vertical. It must be known that we humanized Venezuela’s Near Instagram, we already have a face that is right there, explaining and inviting people to get in Venezuela’s Near Community.

Our goal is that more people enroll in different certifications. Because of that, we’ve dedicated several posts and reels explaining how each certification works, which have had a positive impact, so more people have requested the inscription form. Daily, we are posting stories, announcing the AMA or Twitter Spaces that are made in the Community.

At the same time, on Tik Tok (chamocripto.near), we dedicate all our videos to Near. This month has been dedicated to explain the benefits of working in web3 and how to work in it; being a really positive topic.

This month, we would like to add to our Instagram reels from all business establishments that accept Near. The idea is to go to the place, record it, give them tips about the place and advertise that they accept Near as a payment method.

To conclude, we must thank the support that we’ve had from Marketing vertical, this month we’ll continue teaching our followers and growing up as a community.

Only with a week and a half of activity

Our goal is go for much much more :grin:


:wave: Hello, how are you?

I introduce myself my name is Jesus Urbina and I am happy to support the group Near Venezuela, I met them through Instagram by chance and I presented a proposal to improve the quality and security of Telegram thanks for the trust.

Telegram is a fundamental tool for the blockchain world, more and more people are joining groups or channels in search of new projects, but just like them also malicious people try to sabotage these channels with spam attacks, flood the known Raid.

Through the proposal it was decided to modify the Telegram group with the Rose bot for security.0

This bot is configured to prevent raid attacks, spam, and flood, apart from having useful tools such as notes and information filters for the convenience of users and moderators.

These were the modifications that were made in the Telegram group for better performance and security:

:one: The anti-Raid is activated if 5 users enter in less than one minute the bot will lift quarantine for 6 hours.

:two: Every user has to solve the numeric captcha to enter the room , it will have a maximum time of 5 minutes otherwise the bot will expel the person.

:three: The anti-spam and anti-flood are active the person will receive a warm if he/she spam or flood and it will mute him/her for a few minutes.

:four: only people with moderation will be able to send links, exceptions can be made later for another user to send links.

:five: a tracking channel was created for the founders, this channel saves all the information of the user, user,user,name,ID also saves the command that is applied in the chat, bans, mute and expulsions, with date and time.

:six: as a welcome message the official social networks of Near Venezuela were placed, along with a gif.

:seven: to facilitate the work of moderators were enabled some custom commands that send important information below I leave the commands:

/get twitter

/get instagram

/get discord

/get educación

/get formulario

Welcome gif image


Image From The Telegram Group

This is my report so far, thank you very much for reading it.


Hi NEAR Venezuela community, I hope you are doing great and working hard. :star_struck:

I will like to report on some of the work carried out in April to help the community.

First, I am happy to announce that under the Venezuela NEAR Marketing project, I am helping the community by reviewing the articles written to promote NEAR Protocol and NEAR Venezuela.

To achieve this and with the support of @user1, a Discord channel was open to receive all the proposals.

Likewise, I wrote two articles for cripteros.com to promote the NEAR P2P project and the NEAR Wallet in the Hispanic community.

Equally important, along with @ramgor, we held a second meeting with the UNETI, aiming to schedule future activities with all the teachers and thus, raise awareness about NEAR Protocol and NEAR courses such as NCA, NCP, and NCD.

(Shortly, we will send the full report about this education project)

Hopping that May is as productive as April was.

Thanks for the support and best regard to all. :star_struck:


Discord is central to NFT’s new projects and it is a pleasure to be able to assist the folks at the Free Horse and Howler Carayas Club in setting up the security, channels and entertainment that I will show you below.

Regarding Free Horses we added the D.safe bot, a discord bot that specializes in moderation and avoids raid attacks since it has an extensive list of links and malicious users.

Modification of Categories: some categories were scattered, I took care of placing and ordering each channel in the corresponding category.

Entertainment categories, the Free Horses server has a games and music bot which can be used in the FUN category where members will have a different time listening to music or playing with each other.

Horse city game, this game turns the discord into a unique entertainment center since each member will be able to choose fictitious jobs within the server and will receive the horseshoe currency and will help them to unlock new jobs that will bring more benefits until they can get the white list of the project.


The Howller Carayas Club server is currently under construction, but will soon be functional and active for the community.

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