[Report] Near KNYTS Aurora Integration Project

DAO/Project Information

Organization Name: metaKnyts

Proposal Title: Near KNYTS Aurora Integration

DAO’s Category:*Aurora Community DAO

Project’s Category:Aurora Community


metaKnyts is an award-winning trans-media saga integrating AI, Web3, and the metaverse. As the first CryptoComic, metaKnyts has evolved into a dynamic platform blending comics, gaming, animation, and film with blockchain technology. The franchise narrates the journey of Kn0w1 and his fellow metaKnyts battling AI adversaries across Terra and Digiterra. With a community of nearly 4,000 investors and a diverse portfolio of products, metaKnyts is dedicated to fostering digital storytelling and web3 adoption.

Applicant Information

Point of Contact: Dele Atanda

Country of Residence: US

Key Member: Dele - Founder, creator, and project lead

Project Charter and Goals

Project Overview:

metaKnyts aims to integrate its assets as NFTs on Aurora to build a Near KNYTS community. These NFTs will facilitate various activities within the metaKnyts ecosystem, including acquiring collectibles and accessing exclusive content. The project seeks to solve issues related to privacy, data sovereignty, and crypto literacy.


  • Inspire web3 exploration through storytelling.

  • Educate and build awareness on decentralized technology.

  • Onboard new users through Aurora NFTs and integrated marketing campaigns.

Progress Update

AuroraKNYT NFT Collection

Design of the NFT collection for the Aurora KNYTS has been successfully completed and deployed for minting.

Aurora Smart Contract

The Aurora smart contract has been written and is currently undergoing integration with LayerZero. This integration is crucial for ensuring seamless interchain functionality.

Testing Phase

Once the integration with LayerZero is complete, the project will enter the testing phase to ensure the robustness and reliability of the smart contract.

Wallet and Identity Service Development

In parallel, development of the wallet and KNYT identity service is underway. This service will enable users to mint their Aurora KNYT NFTs and is being designed to launch simultaneously with the NFT collection.

Next Steps

  • Complete integration of the Aurora smart contract with LayerZero.

  • Complete testing of the smart contract.

  • Finalize the development of the wallet and identity service.

  • Prepare for the official launch of the Aurora KNYTS NFT collection.