[REPORT] Near Esports Tournaments - July 18 - July 22

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian

Project members
Kevin Hernandez kevinhernandez.near
Luis Gonzales Medina luisgm.near
Carlos Morales carlosmorales.near

July 18 - July 22

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This week of development we did the following:

Finally the tournament brackets are finished, the tournament administrator can now generate random brackets and put the matches that the registered teams will have and will be able to put the scores so that the tournament can continue until it comes to an end.

Additionally at the end of the tournament the organizer already has a button that can automatically send the prize and the trophy nft to the winner of the tournament.

Here are some images:

  • The button to generate the brackets:

-The brackets have been randomly generated with the manage button there (only the administrator sees the button).

-The administrator tab to save the results:

-Updated brackets after posting the results:

-Finally, when the tournament ends, the button to send the prize is available for the administrator.

For our next and last week of development would be:

-Test the application to see if it has any bugs not yet fixed.
-Host the application so that users can already use it.