[REPORT] Near Esports Tournaments - July 10 - July 15

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian

Project members
Kevin Hernandez kevinhernandez.near
Luis Gonzales Medina luisgm.near
Carlos Morales carlosmorales.near


July 10 - July 15

Link Repo

this week’s developments were as follows:

-The development of the brackets of the tournaments continues.

  • The profile tab was created so that the user can see in a much easier way which tournaments he is enrolled in and which tournaments he is organizing.

  • In the page to see the available tournaments, a search engine has been added so that the user can easily search for the tournament he/she wants to register for.

here are some images:

*The profile page where you can see which tournaments you are registered for and which tournament you have created.

*the view tournaments tab with search engine

Now let’s talk about next week’s goals:

The brackets are expected to be ready and with that we will be able to award the prize to the winner of the tournament.

With these last two tasks the project would be functional, the next step would be to upload it to a hosting and test it with the near hispanic community in the testnet.

If no bugs or problems are found it will be launched in mainet.