[Report] Near ES Jun 2024

Project Name: NEAR_ ES

Project Intro

The NEAR ES project aims to drive adoption and awareness of NEAR Protocol within the Spanish-speaking community through a comprehensive educational initiative. We aim to onboard new users, guide them in creating wallets, and empower them to confidently engage with web3 technologies. Through education, gamification, and outreach to non-blockchain communities, we seek to demystify NEAR Protocol, strengthen community connections, and contribute to the growth of the NEAR ecosystem in the Spanish Speaking community.

Meet the team

Before I introduce our team, I want to underscore that the heart of our success lies in the dedication and professionalism of each member. Together, we form a cohesive unit that consistently strives for excellence in everything we do.

Activity Member
Project Manager: Ulises Marin @ramgor
Telegram group moderators: Yaneisia Hernandez @Yaneisia, Julián Mostacero @jblm, Gilberth Betancourt @gilberth.near
Twitter: Milly Rodriguez @MillyR06
Media: América Castro @ame9986
AMAs/Workshops, Relations, Collaborators: Fritz Wagner @FritzWorm, Alejandro Moreno @alejandrom, Francisco John @Butneversaved Angel Sanchez @skyempire

Our social media channels

Telegram: NEAR ES ( 1014 Members)

Telegram Announcement: NEAR ES (98 Subscribers )

X (Twitter) : NEW Account @EsNearEs (512 followers)

NEAR Social /BOS: NEAR_ES ( 146 followers )

Medium: @neares (212 followers )

YouTube: @ESNear (348 followers)

BOS Blog: NEAR Es Blog



Approved Proposal Link:

** [APPROVED] NEAR ES June 2024**

Highlights of the months:

During this month we achieved the following:

Devs Event & partnership

  • 1 Event Online and 1 Offline Event for Dev Students

We’re excited to announce the continued expansion of our partnership with the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Telecomunicaciones e Informática (UNETI). UNETI is making significant strides in cryptocurrency education and solidifying its position as the country’s leading institution for blockchain studies.

As part of our growing collaboration,

This event served as an opportunity to showcase the potential of blockchain technology and its applications.

We reached out to 15 developers from UNETI University.

2 Community Online Events

Conduct 2 educational workshops about NEAR and its ecosystem:

Metrics & Evidence

KPI Referral system parameter start end Difference Evidence
Wallets creation of 50 wallets 424 535 111 Wallets created
Demonstration NEAR to NON blockchain communities Partnership/ events
0 1 1 Event Evidence May NEAR ES 1
Education of the local communities:
Online/ Offline Events
0 3 3 Dev Event Online 1 Evidence Jun NEAR ES Event Online 2 Evidence Jun NEAR ES - Event Offline Evidence Jun NEAR ES 3
Devs activity
0 3 3 * Devs UNETI List Jun * Devs Event Evidence Offline * Devs Online Evidence Jun * Devs Article: Herramientas para para Aprovechar al Máximo la Red NEAR
Engagement gamification mechanism
0 37100 37100 ES NEAR ES X Jun post (Twitter post) and
Event Evidence Jun NEAR ES 4
0 131 131 Event Evidence Jun NEAR ES 5
Wallet txns
0 1635+ 1635+ Updated at July 6th- Wallets created
Tiktok/ or any video platform
0 3 3 Evidence Jun NEAR ES 6 - Video 1 HOT Wallet Cómo crear una MPC wallet y empezar a usar Base de Coinbase - Video 2 HERE Wallet: Cómo crear una MPC wallet en HOT Video 3 Revoluciona con NEAR Protocol: Inteligencia Artificial, Blockchain y Web3

Highlights, Goals and Gratitude:

Over the past six months, NEAR ES has significantly contributed to the NEAR ecosystem. We’ve achieved the following milestones:

  • Onboarded 535 new wallets.
  • Introduced 66 new developers to the ecosystem.
  • Expanded our social media presence on X, YouTube, Medium, NEAR Social, and Telegram.
  • Conducted several online events.
  • Fostered active community engagement with popular dApps like Hot Wallet, Harvest Moon, Spin, Metapool, and NEAR Social.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Spanish-speaking community for their active participation and support in the growth of NEAR ES. A special thank you goes to the NEAR ES team for their dedication and hard work, and to the @NearGlobeDao team for their trust and guidance.

Moving forward, our goal is to sustain the vibrancy of the NEAR community and ensure its continued activity. We hope that future funding initiatives recognize the outstanding work and results achieved by NEAR ES in the past six months. Our community’s active engagement serves as a potent marketing ally for NEAR and its dApps, underscoring their significance in the blockchain ecosystem.

Together, we forge ahead to elevate the NEAR ecosystem to new heights.


Very good work of the team, we continue to grow NEAR


Thank you team, excellent work, to @ramgor for your great direction.
Also my thanks to the @NearGlobeDao team for their trust, support and recognition of our work over the past 6 months. We hope you have been satisfied with our contribution to the ecosystem and have the commitment that we will continue to build in NEAR ES with Near Potocol.


Excellent work has been done over the past six months, and the achievements highlighted in this report reflect the incredible teamwork and a highly engaged community eager to learn, stay informed about NEAR, and use its dApps. We will continue to strive to provide updated information about the NEAR ecosystem in Spanish. I am confident that our team remains committed to the mission of onboarding and educating the Spanish-speaking community about NEAR and its ecosystem.

Thank you, team, for your amazing work. :dove: :green_heart:

Thank you to the NEAR community and @NearGlobeDao for your continued support. :green_heart:


:clap::clap::clap: Excellent work we have been doing, proud to belong to this great team that is NEAR ES, let’s keep building community in our Near Protocol ecosystem, great changes are coming with the Chain Abstraction approach and here we will continue to provide the necessary support to our community in LATAM. :sparkles:

Additionally I thank @NearGlobeDao for this great opportunity they have given us. :+1:

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