Report: NEAR Arabic for month of July

Hello, I want to share with you our report for July

Previous proposal: [Approved] - NEAR Arabic - June 2023

Guild / Community Name: NEAR Arabic

Approved amount June: 1695$


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NEAR_Arabic

The focus was on increasing the number of on-chain transactions and spreading the word about BOS, we created articles, videos and infographics about BOS.
Also, we did an AMA about BOS and received many questions from the members.


We got 26 followers, reached 180 transactions on-chain, posted 2 quizzes and posted some news.

Telegram and Twitter:
We have published the important news and provide daily support.

Telegram stats

Twitter stats

AMA: Telegram: Contact @ArabCryptoHub

Most of the content was about BOS and its features

يتم تشغيل لوحة معلومات تطبيق Polygon zkEVM التفاعلية على BOS من NEAR - كريبتو بالعربيأخبار-العملات-الرقمية/تسليط-الضوء-على-near-في-ethcc-الاستدامة-و-bos-يملع/أخبار-تكنولوجيا-البلوكشين/أصبح-نظام-bos-مباشرًا-الآن-على-near-org/أخبار-تكنولوجيا-البلوكشين/تقديم-نظام-bos-نظام-تشغيل-بلوكتشين-مقدم-م-2/

Videos, Infographic:
إطلاق Polgyon zkEVM على BOS - YouTube
تقديم BOS من NEAR - YouTube
Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hello, could you make this report more detailed? It’s hard to understand how things went on. Maybe you did not copy all from your draft. You should check.


Hello, edited the report please take a look again, If something is not clear let me know and I’ll be happy to clarify.