[Approved] muti Social Media Management & refresh May-June-July

DAO: muti Guild /muti.sputnik-dao.near

Funding Scheme: May-June-July

Project: Social Media Management & Design refresh muti DAO

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Instagram , Twitter , Youtube, Facebook, Website, Telegram


When muti started, the ideas were very broad and versatile and we have reached a point where we know in which direction we want to go exactly. We are sharpening the edges, working on the overall concept, and towards self-sustainability. As most of the designs and social media templates have been created by us and not a professional designer, we feel that our concept can be better manifested with a stronger visual identity and the help of a professional.

Therefore we will be working with a professional graphic designer to create this identity which will help us transmit our goals better and also reach a wider audience - which will include web3 connoisseurs as well as creatives from web2 and the physical art world. May will serve as the first step towards this by exchanging ideas and creating the first visuals as well as templates for our new Mintbase store with redeemables. (Our normal store was listed as one with the highest transaction value by the way.)

Our goal is to launch the refresh of the muti visuals in the beginning of June.

As by recommendation by @Dacha we’ve created a 3 months plan for social media management.

We will also keep on developing the website with more content as well as NEAR-related guides, like the ones we have been creating together with the Marma J Foundation here to also educate creatives about the possibilities of NEAR.

Besides using Facebook and Instagram ads we will be working more with Google ads to push our Youtube presence.

We will have 3 physical events happening (Cabeça na Lua in May, planning a physical NFT exhibition in June, and Estufada Artistica in collaboration with several DAOs and artists in July) which will hopefully help to push the Facebook numbers. Therefore we would like to print flyers/posters to be distributed around the locations.

We do not use the Flying Rhino services anymore from May on and highly appreciate the support from the Marketing DAO as we have been able to work with ads and post daily within this scope. Also thanks a lot for going through this exceptionally long intro this time.

The monthly tasks for 3 months are:

FB: 960 USD

  • Management: daily content, creating events for the online streams and events & sharing 3x 250 USD / 750 USD
  • Actively growing the followers through campaigns, one per each online stream from the muti.on (2) as well as NFT drops, youtube content events and physical events 3x 70 USD /210 USD

IG: 960 USD

  • Most active platform with the most variety of content and interaction
  • Management: posting daily, including NFT drops, stories & posts from other DAOs within the Ecosystem & the NEAR profile - 3x 250 USD / 750 USD
  • IG ads to promote physical events, NFT drops, open call and website 3x 70 USD / 210 USD

Twitter: 750 USD

  • daily posts & retweets per week about streams, events, collaborations & funding options (through the gov. forum) - 3x 250 USD / 750 USD

Youtube: 1050 USD

  • Collecting artist info & creating the promotion
  • Upload & promote content from streams, workshops, and premiers of the muti sessions in collaboration with CUDO DAO & events (min. 3 each month)
  • Cross Promotion through other channels- 3x 250 USD / 750 USD
  • Google ads - 3x 100 USD / 300 USD ( 4 ads for one video each, running for 7 Days with 25 USD budget, targeting creatives in Portugal and the UK as well as web3 folks)

TG: 600 USD

  • Sharing of bounties/ possibilities in the ecosystem & nurturing DAO to DAO / artist collabs through actively connecting them with other artists
  • Reviewing funding proposals & updates, explaining DAO functions, payouts etc. - 200 USD x N / 600 USD

Medium article: one per month, previous article 360 USD

  • min. 800 words; to be published on Medium and on the Website
  • Inviting muti artists to share their experience with muti and how they entered the N ecosystem with us; focussing on topics around blending the digital with the physical and how newcomers developed within NEAR - 3x 120 USD /360 USD

Twitter Bounties: example from the previous month 600 USD

  • Creating bounties in the forum for the community to share our socials, website, youtube or to create a 3xr gallery minted through our DAO to achieve a bigger reach also outside of the Creatives DAO; 100 USD for the bounties & 100 USD for the management (setting up the bounties, doublechecking the fulfilled bounties & sending the reward) - 3x 200 USD /600 USD

Website development: https://muticollective.org/ 1200 USD

  • Website maintenance/hosting: Creating several new separations on the website (events, DAO/NEAR education, artists, Youtube integration), updating the website with the new visuals and maintaining the events updated @eden - 3x 200 USD / 600 USD
  • Adding new content: min. 5 guides as well as adding more artists infos and event updates, articles - 3x 200 USD / 600 USD

Visual Identity / muti refresh: 1348,40 USD

  • We have contacted the Lisbon-based design studio Próximo Studio as we appreciate their work and as they are aware of muti and what we want to convey. A wallet for the designer will be created this week and the quote we received included templates for Twitter, IG, FB, events, Website, Youtube, and typography and visual overall concept. The quote is attached.
    Proposal_Muti_ID+SocialMedia_psd_AND_Canva.pdf (46.0 KB)

Physical Marketing: 400 USD

  • For posters & flyers for 3 events from May-July (Cabeça na Lua, NFT Exhibition & Estufada Artistica)
  • Stickers once the previous ones run out

Current numbers:

  • FB: 218 Likes, 241 Followers
  • IG: 724 Followers
  • Twitter: 566 Followers
  • Youtube : 77 followers
  • TG: 156 Members
  • Website: 397 visits


Reaching the following numbers by the end of July:

FB: reaching 300 followers by the end of July

IG: reaching 1000 followers by the end of July

Twitter: reaching 800 followers by the end of July

Youtube: reaching 1200 views per published muti session video and 90 followers

TG: May: June: July: reaching 190 members by the end of July

Website: May: June: July: reaching 600 visits by the end of July

Amount: 8228,4 USD

Target: muticollective.near /KCY through @tabear sent to dao muti.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you for your attention and the previous support!


Happy to support, have a great day.

Also happy to support

Amazing, thank you, will wait for the remaining @marketingdao-council to give feedback.

On that note:

Are there any fixed guidelines in terms of values? We have compared different proposals from other DAOs for the same tasks and seen different values floating around. We’ve previously also asked for a value for the content creation itself which we have taken out for this proposal in order to not request too much but given this is a crucial part of the project and compared to other approved proposals it seems this would have been possible?

And for reports, in case this proposal would get approved, would you like to receive a monthly report or one after the 3 months are completed?

Thank you!

Hey there, just tagging the @marketingdao-council to see if there are any news of infos that would be needed from our side :wink: Thank you!

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Thanks for the proposal – happy to support this for the next three months’ activities.

It would be great if you can submit a brief report each month so we can follow along with your work and marketing activities.

Moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro.


Awesome, thank you, we will deliver the reports of course! Not sure if the title would have to be changed for the poll.

As for my previous comment, are there any guidelines in terms fo values for account managing/number of followers etc. given the different values showing up in the proposals from the DAOs?

poll https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-348