[Report/mpDAO] Meta Pools Iftar Ramadhan 2024

I am glad to share about my activities as the mpDAO Grants #6 Winner representing Meta Pool in Indonesia during the holy month of Ramadan in March 2024.

Iftar is the tradition in Indonesia during the holy month of Ramadan, precisely in March 2024, this activity is part of a charity, and most Muslims do this to share happiness after fasting all day. Through this activity, we gather the Indonesian community, especially in Surabaya City to share this happiness and teach them about the Meta Pool Ecosystem.

This Ramadan is a great opportunity to share with everyone where this Iftar event, at this event we called “Ngabuburit Pintar Bersama Meta Pool”, which means killing time before iftar, we’ve met the community and shared food and gifts and also shared knowledge about crypto and blockchain, especially introducing Meta Pool to new communities.
In this event, we teach the community how to create a wallet near and also interact with the Meta Pool website and provide information about the benefits of investing using the Meta Pool protocol.

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