[Report/mpDAO] Meta Pool Workshop & Staking Contest in Ho Chi Minh City

Hello everyone! I am glad to announce the activities made by me in Vietnam during last month.

We organized a Meta Pool Workshop & Staking Contest in Ho Chi Minh City to increase TVL and brand awareness, educate participants about Defi and Liquid Staking, and engage them in a hands-on experience with the opportunity to win prizes.

We had the presence of Mr. Gem, he’s also an ambassador of Meta Pool Vietnam

Mr. Hai from NEAR Vietnam

The workshop includes the following contents:

  1. Meta Pool Overview
    Share on the concept of Liquid Staking and its importance for defi. Then there is an introduction to Meta Pool, existing products and upcoming plans of the project

  2. NDC
    Briefly introduce the NDC, the 3 Houses in the NDC and urge everyone to vote for Alan and Lucio

  3. Staking Party
    Everyone participates in the Staking party and must stake for a minimum of 2 weeks to receive rewards

  4. Quiz
    Review knowledge together through mini games on Slido

Finally, take souvenir photos


  • 22 participants like me to estimate in the proposal
  • 119 people attended Staking Party (online + offline)

Full report here: Workshop Report - Google Docs

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