[Report/mpDAO Grant 6] Scholarships for Latin American Students at UHZ

We are glad to announce the activities conducted by Meta Pool in collaboration with the University of Zurich to provide scholarships to Latin American students.

Report Introduction

The scholarship project aims to offer educational opportunities both on-site and online for Latin American students at the University of Zurich. Below are the details of the activities and achievements during this period.

Project Details

Funds and Management

  • The funds have been used to cover the travel expenses and course fees.


  • Total beneficiaries: 5 students.
  • Activity period: July 1 to July 19.

Details of the Scholars

  • Traveling to Switzerland:
    • 2 students from UNAM.
  • Online courses:
    • 1 student from UNAM.
    • 2 students from Champagnat University in Argentina.

Activities Conducted

Travel and On-Site Courses

  • UNAM Students in Switzerland:
    • Participation in intensive courses and academic activities at the University of Zurich.

Online Courses

  • 1 Student from UNAM and 2 Students from Champagnat University:
    • Participation in online courses offered by the University of Zurich, focusing on advanced blockchain and technology topics.

Dissemination and Coverage

To maximize the visibility of the project, we have disseminated information through various platforms and media outlets. Here are some relevant links:

  • https://cryptonews.net/news/blockchain/29022022/
  • https://www.cryptopolitan.com/the-university-of-zurich-closes-an-academic-partnership-with-a-dao/
  • [https://cryptodaily.co.uk/news-in-crypto/thecryptotimes](https://cryptodaily.co.uk/news-in-crypto/thecryptotimes:the-university-of-zurich-seals-an-academic-partnership-with-meta-pool)
  • https://www.cryptotimes.io/2024/05/13/the-university-of-zurich-seals-an-academic-partnership-with-meta-pool/
  • https://es.coingape.com/la-universidad-de-zurich-firma-una-asociacion-academica-con-una-dao-para-estudiantes-latinoamericanos/
  • https://www.blockchain.uzh.ch/courses/international-summer-school-deep-dive-into-blockchain-2024/
  • https://www.linkedin.com/posts/melissa-brigitthe-hinojosa-cabello-774a3630a_universidad-de-z%C3%BArich-y-meta-capacitan-sobre-activity-7203933702630850560-5Yu6
  • https://www.linkedin.com/posts/victor-cruz-966b5b30a_blockchain-latinamerican-metapool-activity-7206077984686907392-6CeN?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop
  • https://web3news.com.br/noticia/1365/bolsas-de-estudo-fortalecem-blockchain-na-america-latina

Goals and Achievements

We are pleased to announce the following achievements of this project:

  • Number of students benefited: 5
  • Participation in on-site courses in Switzerland: 2 students from UNAM
  • Participation in online courses: 3 students (1 from UNAM and 2 from Champagnat University)
  • Media coverage: 9 publications in digital media and social networks.


The scholarship project has been initially successful, with students already participating in courses and academic activities both on-site and online. We will continue to monitor and support the scholars during and after their courses to ensure the maximum benefit from this educational opportunity.

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