[Report] May 2022 D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO)

Monthly Report : April 2022
Project Name: D-LAYER
Project Status: in progress
Project members:
@Jull-gull @johanga @techdir

Balance: current account balance 4 NEAR (22 USD)
target wallet: d-layer.near

We have created a store on Mintbase and there are first sales even already !!

1. Project Name:
Creating educational materials as NFT by D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO)

Project Status: [In Progress]

  • Presentation “What opportunities NEAR Protocol opens for creative people. The advantages of Mintbase, Paras and other marketplaces on NEAR”. - the content is being finalized after being tested on people who do not know what blockchain is.
  • Presentation “Common mistakes in producing NFT-projects” …completed
  • Presentation “How to write a good NFT-description” completed


We completed 2 out of 3 presentations (“common mistakes when working on nft projects”, “how to write a description for nft”). And tested on artists.

As a result, we found out their reaction to the materials:

  • 50 pages in a presentation is a lot, so we decided to divide one of the presentations into 2 (was: “common mistakes when working on nft projects.” Now: “Common mistakes in producing NFT-projects” and “Common cognitive bias in producing NFT-projects” )
  • Creative people like that everything in our presentations is written in simple language, without using technical terms complex for them.
  • In the presentation “What opportunities NEAR Protocol opens for creative people. The advantages of Mintbase, Paras and other marketplaces on NEAR”, the section with the advantages of cooperation was poorly developed, raises many questions, “why should I, if none of my fans are there yet, they won’t be able to buy it even if they want to.” We decided to change the content. It will take some time.

We minted the presentations in our store on Mintbase as planned, so that anyone could buy them for a symbolic amount. NFTs we will also send to new users to have free access to these materials.

We will also need these presentations to work with curators of art projects, and marketers and for self-control at different stages of work.


Found out that it is necessary to describe everything in a very simple language, so as not to frighten people with an artistic mindset, who are very interested in this topic, but it is the incomprehensibility of the information available on the network that frightens. We plan to continue to work on the adaptation and translation of the necessary information.

Next Steps:

  • finalizing the last presentation on the current project and minting it on Mintbase
  • Working with artists:

the development of a questionnaire (in Google forms) for applying for onboarding will be located in the linktree, which will allow you to collect leads from creative people and provide them with the necessary information for training

– personal invitations of creative people in social networks to onboarding.

– training “how to start a wallet”, how to connect to mintbase, how to make your first nft

– preparation of other educational materials written in simple language:

  • analysis of the possibilities of mintbase (for artists)
  • streaming service TAMAGO (for musicians)

2. Project Name:
anaREС - sound-nft experiment by D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO)

Project Status: [In Progress]

Hello Nearonauts. As noted in my proposal, I planned to create a large project (L.A.W), the pilot part of which is anaREC.

all tracks

In the time I had, I devoted to recording the sounds of everyday life. As part of the project, I chose such locations as the beach, the banquet area of the hotel and some residential areas, including the kitchen of my apartment, park and forest areas. I interacted with space and objects, extracted various sounds, practically without postproduction and create a composition.

Some problems I’ve encountered (Learning):

  • Often, being in different spaces, records sound the same, it is interesting that when you hear it with your own ears - this is one story, and when you work with them - it is another one, where all the sounds are very similar. For example, I heard with my ear that a metal trashbox can doesn’t sound like a beatch changing cabin, but on the record, it was practically the same.
  • I noticed that the sounds of the percussion type were extracted best of all, as it’s heard in the tracks (link), this prompted me to think about using at least some analog instruments to diversify the sound range. The choice fell on kalimba and guitar. Also in the hotel I was lucky to hear an orchestra coverband , which is also on the record and from which i was able to make a certain melodic structure for the fullness of the sensations.
  • There are too few objects around us that can make melodic sounds. I had to play with the tones to change pitch up and down.
  • Initially it was planned to mint 15 tracks, but in the process I realized that for testing it is better to mint an EP of 5 tracks

In the future, I plan to continue working. I have in mind crowded places, for example, I would like to collect the sounds of the theater, when the stage is developing or rehearsing an orchestra and actors, as well as in the process of the action itself aimed at the audience. I will continue to look for opportunities to record the world around me, where there are more melodic sounds, less percussion.
An important point will be to continue creating beat packs and oneshot packs, which can be used by other musicians like the “natural percussion sounds” for their own beats or compositions in general. For example recordings made in the forest are ideal for creating soft LO-FI tracks.
Also, in the course of time, I will post Analog RAW Materials (arm) - these will be original sounds from the recorder without processing and cropping. It is the record material from which my EP was done.

May Proposal


Hello, adding the tag to your post now:


Also, can you point it out your DAO address? Link?

hey! thank you for your presence :pray:

till the moment we’re still using simple near.wallet for be funded : d-layer.near
and it’s not enough N to create a DAO now, so we’ve made a propose to Marketing DAO about it, hope soon we’ll start to add members from belarusian artists there

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proud to join to D-layer and become part of such a team

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