[Closed] June 2022 Social Media Management budget for United Belarus DAO (D-LAYER)

June 2022 Social Media Management budget for United Belarus DAO (D-LAYER)

Project Name: D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO)
Community Builders: @techdir @Jull-gull @johanga
Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary:
Here there is an Introduction of United Belarus DAO

In terms of marketing and communication, our goal is to become a bridge between cultural agents(artists) and NEAR Protocol ecosystem by promoting engagement through our channels and events (online, offline, metaverse, collaborations, bounties).
To work with artists as a web3-producing center, we have to offer them naturally growing solid social media channels to communicate, to present their art, to learn about web3. So this month we’re aimed to build channels (with to create visual identity) and to share with different categories of content (for ex, educational about common blockchain terminology, guides how to use dApps on NEAR, how to participate in NEAR Community activities, to be on forum gov.near.org) so it can help with slowly and smooth onboarding process of artists that are so much sensitive beings, that it’s dangerous to face them with huge amount of new world and information directly from the start :slight_smile:

D-LAYER’s Social media channels:
*e-mail: dlayerbel@gmail.com
*linktree and discord - to create in short time

Based on our roadmap, the next month will be dedicated not for creation of a website, but for development of a metaverse space(s) for broadcasting knowledge and entertainment, that can represent D-LAYER’s activities and news.

Monthly marketing and communication tasks/ funding details


  • Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem. Creating 3-6 posts per week + several stories, connecting with related pages and refining the targeting audiences, searching for and publicizing the initiatives our community partners are promoting - 200 USD
  • 3 posts to be promoted for 10 days in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives and page - 35 USD


  • Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem. Creating 2-5 posts and retweets per week in order to increase our visibility to art and technology and attract new audiences to our activities - 200 USD


  • Moderating the channel and chat, connecting with artists and partners, helping community members and newcomers with their questions about the NEAR ecosystem, sharing the projects and events of D-LAYER - 200 USD

LINKTR.EE - creation


  • Content creation and graphic design for social media channels - 100+100 USD
  • Creation of Logo and Visual identity of the DAO - 200 USD
  • Print of art-tutorials and presentations for onboarding artists - 100 USD

6 N → approx. 50 USD

Council work : 300 USD
(proposal, report, onboarding team members and artists, producing media-plan)

TOTAL : 1500 USD

Instagram: to 50-80 followers
Twitter: to 50 followers
Telegram: grow to 70-80 members

Successful activities till end of June means:

  1. Active Telegram group, talking about the NEAR Ecosystem.
  2. Active Twitter account - with the latest news about NEAR.
  3. Active Instagram account with regular unique content from Belarus artists
  4. linktr.ee that contains all the materials and links, that is producing by DAO

Total requested amount
1500 USD

NEAR Wallet ID/ DAO: d-layer.sputnik-dao.near


Hi Johanga,

  • Could you please also list all the other projects that you and the D layer council members are working in and have received funding for?

  • How much time is required to manage the social media channels of a new project with such a small community?

Considering the very early days, workload involved, funding received for this project from creatives and funding received through other projects and sources, I am inclined towards declining this request. I believe early days communities need to put in the work and show their commitment - show up to their communities without being remunerated and then move on to funding when the value creation is tangible and the demand on their time and skills increases.


There are two projects in the works, reports will be promised in the coming days.

  • educational presentations for artists are being proofread and will be minted today or tomorrow (I think they will be useful to the entire Russian-speaking community and they can be used as a free product to attract targeted traffic in social media)

  • the anaREC project will be minted on Friday (now we are waiting for arts for the tracks)


hi! thank you for your questions, that allows us to tell more about the project :slight_smile:
firstly, this proposal is the continue of previous submission and we’ve returned following the advise:

so we did directly that :smiling_face:

the report is coming on days
mostly the work of individual consultations with artists whom we plan to onboard is going on, with creating creative proposal for June with their participation.
it works like a snowball - starting from small, that shows example for others, then they are joining one by one and the ball becomes big. few artists have already start to participate in projects of NEAR ecosystem, like here and here
and for building and growing the community we’re creating a basement - social media channels, the common place where we can communicate with artists and share opportunities, giving guides and answering questions. where to gather them if not in Telegram?)
then - we’re presenting NEAR Protocol to the artists who live almost in Europe - it’s quite a responsibility, it isn’t some small individual organization that can invite to the group without manager and visual identity, as we feel. all the channels has to create trust and the value for artists towards NEAR.
also we see a number of very small DAOs here, who even don’t have 100 members in socials but with 5000$ approved proposals for marketing month by month. with the same approach - to start with small but to create good quality from the start :rocket: we focused on them when creating a plan of development

  • exactly for working on growing community, adding there active members - it needs a lot of communication work of several people (4 of us is actively working on it). probably it’s not evidently, but on the 1st stages it needs much more work to clarify details about blockchain, web3, NFT, metaverse etc than when community consists of people who are already in it :smiling_face:

we understand your doubts very clearly ,
if you haven’t hear nothing about Belarus, you can’t imagine what is going on there. don’t feel like to storytelling here about last 15-years history, but the number of artists there is not less than in Portugal or Nigeria:)
the draft-list of our personal contacts of just musicians is here:

for example, one of the onboarding project we’re preparing for the next month is with Shuma band

because of political situation (dictator regime since 1994) last year she doesn’t live in Belarus (same as lots of other belarusian artists) and there’s no concert or other activity the band can perform for its fans. with NFTs and metaverse parties this problem can be solved in a new way , it gives hope and perspective to artists and their devotees )

we’re open to correct any funding details but in general we’re kindly asking to support belarusian artists to be joined to NEAR family

@satojandro @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors




@cryptocredit @satojandro @Klint @so608
we’ll be happy for your going through this proposal, thanks
We’re asked about DAO on astro already, and hope to provide it to the Community


It’s a no from me. The nature of projects and work are unclear for me.

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Appreciating your time that you give to us @Klint could you have a look to introduction of the DAO please?

The nature is that it’s regional dao, aiming to onboard artists from the whole country, that is bigger than most European countries.
Hope you have also any certain questions that i can clarify in order to support promotion of NEAR ecosystem through Belarus

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Creatives proposals for June


Thanks for opinion, @Klint
The nature of this project is complex and simple at the same time as nature itself.
The goal is to gather Belarusian artists inside Belarus, but most importantly - Outside, cause many artists who are known outside the country, such as SHUMA or PAPA Bo and many others were forced to leave the country for political reasons, d-layer, which is on NEAR ecosystem is not about politics, but the ways to overcome its consequences.


if I’m able also to ask, there’s a question - could we call all the councils of marketing DAO to know everyone’s opinion on the proposal, or two voices is enough for decentralisational decision to close it? Would appreciate any clarification please

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sincerely asking other councils to give your feedback on this proposal, to look through intro and other provided links, when you have time, appreciate any recommendations :pray:
@so608 @cryptocredit @Dacha

Hi @johanga You are correct that your proposal was not commented by a majority of council before moving to Closed.

This oversight was due to the fact that your proposal was discussed and reviewed during the weekly DAO council meeting where we felt that marketing support was not appropriate at this point.

Please feel free to submit another proposal for funding in the future.