[Report] Master Minds DAO Monthly Report- august 2022

Monthly Report - August 2022

Project Name MasterMinds DAO

Project Status [Completed]

Council members




Balance current account balance 49.52 usd ( 14 aug 2022 WAT 10:47)

Astro DAO : master-minds.sputnik-dao.near


Link to previous proposal :


Community activities for the month of august




The month of August was a delightful month for master minds DAO even with the delay in funding process we were able to attain our goals fully without any barriers
All activities were carried out successfully which amounted to some sales of NFTs , making it possible for us to have some reserved funds in our DAOs treasury.

We were focused on engaging and onboarding vibrant intellectual talents into our ecosystem and help them familiarize with the ecosystem.

  • We created 33 new Near Wallet for new community members.

  • 47 members on telegram

  • 878 New followers on Instagram


  • About 100 followers on twitter


  • Generated 18 + content for instagram, twitter, tiktok , and YouTube

  • Gain over a thousand (1000) followers accross all platforms
    Minted 5 NFT on our mintbase store

  • Lastly sold 24 NFTs on our mintbase store


Road Map

We will continue in our vision of self sustainability and independence, as we plan to save up for an amapiano studio where we can produce great amapiano sound that can travel globally,

During our activities we came across a high profile guitarist, playing for one of the most popular afrobeat singer in Africa “Ckay” and this guitarist have been onboarding as a member of master minds DAO.


Lastly we introduced new council member @Legend07 and relieved @Romanus of his duty as he is busy and fully engaged with his own DAO.

Stay tuned for the month of September as we will be having some very exciting activities and events for the community and also looking forward to collaborations with other DAOs too , making room for self independence and sustainability.



It was a great time working with MasterMind

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@Romanus It was nice working with you brother :blush:

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It was a great competition and a step towards greatness and success.


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Mastermind dao pulling up great stuff

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