[Report] Marma J Foundation: Report for April activities

[Report] Marma J Foundation: Report for April activities

Project 1: Pixelparty Holiday (Easter) Event

We are delighted to announce the success of our Easter-themed Pixel Party event. During this event, 12 talented artists showcased their unique artworks. If you missed out, you still have the opportunity to acquire these one-of-a-kind pieces by visiting here.

Artist Participation and Engagement

For this event, we received applications from 13 artists, 12 of whom successfully participated in the event. This included 11 new artists and one team member, fulfilling our goal of onboarding new artists to the community.

Feedback and Development of Pixelparty Dapp

The Pixelparty Dapp has seen valuable community engagement, with feedback resulting in the identification of new potential features. These include off-chain autosave, view frame, and mint frame, two of which are already under development. You can follow the progress of these features on our GitHub.

Future Plans

Based on the success and the learnings of this event, we plan to implement the new features suggested by our community. Our goal is to foster a supportive environment for artists and contributors to participate in our other pixel-based games under development by the Marma J Gaming team.

Project 2: Gaming Guide NFTs

Comprehensive game guides for all our games have been prepared. Players can now access these guides to enhance their gaming experience. The following games are covered:

We are currently working on mobile versions of each game, and updates will be provided in our next community call.

While we did ensure that we got the guides into the accounts of many players within our community, we identified some issues with the current NFT “airdrop process”. Manual transfers are not ideal and we believe Mintbase could come up with a way to fully automate the process, rather than having to copy and paste every address before any batch transfer.

MintbaseJS could also be used and is the plan for the next time we run a similar process.

CDAO Template:

General Info
DAO name: Marma J DAO

AstroDAO address: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

Current balance: changes constantly

Link to the previous proposal:
Marma J Foundation Proposal - March 2023

Project description:
Pixelparty Holiday (Easter) Event

  • onboard 12 artists complete, 11 actually participated because 1 was taking too long to finalize their work.

Gaming Guide NFTs (Mintbase x Gaming DAO x Research DAO)

  • 4 gaming guides minted and listed. Sent to 182 players in the MJG community.
  • haven’t had the chance to market them much yet, but we are planning on holding off on marketing push until we have the wiki’s complete by the end of the month and we can add the guides to the Wiki’s with a coordinated marketing effort for the games.

Mention Council Members and Members. Insert Astro DAO link )

Activities and Payment (based on your AstroDAO)

Next steps:

  • Implement features for Pixelparty
  • complete MJG wiki’s for each game including the NFG gaming guides
  • start marketing the other games once we finish the wiki’s

That’s amazing @chloe! However, is it possible for you to adjust your report here based on our official template from the Charter?

We’d like to keep the same format of reports and proposals for every DAO.

Thank you in advance! :pray:


Added the additional info to the end of the report. If anything is missing please feel free to let us know.

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