[Report/Marketing DAO] Public Relations & Marketing

How many people did your project reach during this funding period?

Our PR campaign generated over 4 million visits across multiple media platforms, such as BeInCrypto, BlockchainReporter, Cointrust, BraveNewCoin, and Coinspeaker.

Here are the links of some of the coverages we secured so far:

How does this month’s audience reach compared to previous periods (provide a %)?

Last month, our efforts focused on laying the foundation for our PR strategy with workshops and office hours. We engaged with over 60 journalists, fostering relationships and introducing them to compelling narratives and latest developments within the NEAR ecosystem. As a result, we secured coverage in 6 publications, a significant increase compared to the previous month.

What is the average engagement rate on your project’s primary platform (choose one)? Use the formula (Total Likes, Shares & Comments / Total Followers) X 100 = AER %

We collaborate with multiple media companies such as Coindesk, Cointelegraph, CryptoDailyUK, The Block, CryptoCoinShow, among others. Our focus is primarily on leveraging their website metrics rather than social media metrics to measure our results.

Generally the AER% on media socials channels range between 0.010 - 0.10.

What is the biggest win (most improved part of project) during this funding period vs. the previous one (if applicable)?

Our most significant achievement was successfully driving visibility and garnering media attention for Plato & Assisterr (an AI project) through our PR outreach campaign.

What is the biggest challenge your project is facing? What did not improve during this funding period?

Our primary challenge lies in striking a balance between ecosystem projects that may lack major newsworthy updates and promotional or product announcements that may not always resonate with journalists. Our ongoing goal is to encourage projects to generate impactful stories that can attract mainstream media coverage for the NEAR ecosystem.

We remain dedicated to raising awareness and educating journalists about the technological innovations within the NEAR ecosystem.