[REPORT] MARCH Monthly Report - fraDAO

Hello @marketingdao-council

Guild : Atelier Techne Studio

Project Name: fraDAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Council :
@frado frado.near
@hiimf hiimf.near
@raissalaban raissa.near

Thanks all @marketingdao-council that have approved our march proposal.

Follow our Report for the month of March, remember that we received our first budget 16th of March.

The first month was very busy, as we had to create all the accounts, create the logos and start the branding work. Marketing actions need to follow the brand manual. Next month we will be creating the brand manual and branding team. It’s no use just spreading any material through social networks, all our social media need the same language to be followed. This month has been a month of testing, creating and expanding the team.

  • Twitter
    10 days of work:
    Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 01.55.59

Engagement :

Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 01.57.32

criticisms and suggestions:
Twitter is our habitat, this month we are going to adjust the workflow and do everything possible in an organic way, so that next month we will have a strong boost in advertising campaigns.

  • instagram:

    Instagram at this initial point is being analyzed for 10 days, how the relationship of the NFTs in centralized social media works. We will be moving on to other strategies and contents of our DAO. We need the creation of the Branding core to be able to maintain the same unity among all social media

  • Facebook

I’ll start with the problem I had on facebook, after having created the account and content, we had the suspension and analysis of our account through Facebook. We had to recreate another account and redo the job. If in the next month, facebook does not show positive results, it will be abandoned from our workflow and we will go to another social network.
Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 02.15.47
Recreation of new account:

We will honor our commitment and start campaigns with funding of 25 USD + 25 USD.

  • Youtube
    We created a youtube channel
    Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 18.35.11


We only had 10 days to execute the proposal and report, even though it was just a few days, many things became clear. In my opinion, I don’t feel very satisfied with these centralized channels where we have to pay good amounts to have views. Instagram, I’m having a very slow experience and with some restrictions because it’s a new account.
Facebook, I’ll prefer to wait for the results of paid marketing campaigns, to really give a positive opinion.
Twitter I think is very functional and I would like to invest well in advertising campaigns on it, I find it very promising in our community.
youtube, I still need to create audiovisual content, I have an editing room, this won’t be a problem, I’ll just have to hire an extra editor.

Summing up these 10 days of work, in marketing, it is clear that without a branding team defining the content, values ​​and language of our marketing, it is very difficult to work consciously, it is not enough just to have a design team and manager’s account.





Glad to be part of this memory! :ballot_box_with_check: