[REPORT] March 2022 Report for syzygy guild

Guild council: @mafor @reina @debenick @beet93

DAO account: syzygy-guild.sputnik-dao.near

Current Funds: $1,462

March expenditure: $1,212

Previous report: February 2022


  1. Introductory event for syzygy guild on Twitter - $140

  2. Groundwork for writers’ collective - $150

  3. Groundwork for creatives, devs, and young people in STEM - this continues from our February activities $440

  4. Logo for syzygy guild - was done for free by NEAR Design guild. Saved $200

In addition, council work was paid for council members: $482

Another month, another crop of lessons for the guild. our introductory events were fun to come up with but not very fun having to manage. Our biggest takeaways from the month are:

  • We need to improve our visibility and publicity
  • There is huge scepticism around crypto and what its potential is in our country and that is a major challenge
  • We added a new partner!
  • More careful with meeting logistics, make notes to record
  • We may need a dedicated zoom account
  • Hosting events is a much more approachable way to chip at the scepticism and incite curiosity.

in April we would like to do some events around entrepreneurship and Web3, and also young people in STEM. We would love to explore activities with our partners if possible. Also, we would like to experiment with saving DAO funds in stablecoin, to lock extra value.

That’s it from us in March dear community. We would like to know how you think we can approach scepticism and doubts around crypto and blockchain technology, we’d be grateful for feedback.

Till then, carpe diem :hugs::heart:


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