[Report] Ghetto photography

Goodday @creativesdao-council

Update on the ghetto photography bounty

We are happy to have come up with this great initiative. The aim of this bounty to onboard photographer to use the near blockchain via the NFT channel and also support ghetto community via the sales from the NFTs.

In the near x art Dao, we are keen on incorporating creatives from different fields to use the blockchain, not just the people in the crypto space.

Currently, we have over 12 entries and 9 minted NFTs so far. Our goal for this bounty is to reach more people and in turn onboard people from outside the Near ecosystem.

@supercoolkay talked about this bounty on stage at the web 3 delight event and a good number of people were wowed by the initiative. Check video

We have decided to keep the bounty open to achieve its goal.



Thanks for the report!

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