[REPORT] Gaming DAO Report for February

In February, Gaming DAO actively contributed to the development of the gaming industry on the NEAR platform and successfully approved funding for three projects: Vex, Blocksy Royale, and Marma J. The first milestones for all projects were paid, while subsequent ones remain pending funding.

Supported projects

Marma J

The crypto-based gaming world of Pixel Dapps is where players can collaborate artistically with friends, gather pets for a battle, gather hero outfits to explore dungeons and take part in raids, and gather an army to position themselves as the master tactician.

Marma J Gaming is a community project that manages the pixeldapps ecosystem and helps to maintain the open-source code.

The proposal: https://gov.near.org/t/approved-marma-j-gaming-dao/37647
The Webiste: https://pd.marmaj.org/

Funding Status: Only the first milestone has been paid.

Achievements:(detailed report):

  • Integration of MyNearWallet into the Pixelpets, Cryptoheroes, and CTT platforms to replace the obsolete near.org wallet.
  • The integration process included impact assessment, migration planning, code refactoring, testing, and deployment.

Alignment with Gaming DAO Metrics:

  • OKR: Support NEAR Gaming Ecosystem.
  • KR: Increase in the number of developed games.
  • KPI: Number of games launched.

Blocksy Royale

An innovative 2D top-down MMO shooter that adeptly combines the intensity of battle royale gameplay with strategic mining elements. Capable of accommodating up to 1000 players simultaneously, the game is notable for its unique fusion of concepts inspired by ‘Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube’ and traditional 2D shooters, similar to Counterstrike 2D. The primary objective in Blocksy Royale is strategic resource management: players mine blocks scattered throughout the game world, with the ultimate victory awarded to the player who mines the last block. To enhance gameplay, a variety of weapons are available, enabling robust player-versus-player combat in a free-for-all format.

The proposal: https://gov.near.org/t/approved-blocksy-royale-pre-release-marketing-gaming-dao/37651
The Webiste: https://blocksyroyale.com/

Funding Status: Only the first milestone has been paid.


  • Reworked website widgets and launched the website.
  • Prepared community website bounties to engage the community.
  • Scheduled marketing actions.
  • Created infographics for a visual representation of project information.

Alignment with Gaming DAO Metrics:

  • Objective (OKR): Support NEAR Gaming Ecosystem
  • Key Result (KR): Enhance community engagement
  • KPI: Social media engagement metrics


VEX is a pioneering community-focused decentralized online esports betting platform that leverages the NEAR blockchain to offer a secure and transparent betting experience. The platform looks to stand out by providing users with innovative betting options, passive income opportunities through staking, and an unparalleled community experience.

The proposal: https://gov.near.org/t/approved-vex-gaming-dao/37652
The Webiste: https://www.vexesports.com/

Funding Status: Only the first milestone has been paid.


  • In the process of changing the payment system to enhance functionality.
  • Adding staking is underway to increase convenience and attractiveness for users.
  • Negotiations with a designer to improve the visual aspects of the project are ongoing.
  • Establishing a connection with a new social media coordinator to enhance the marketing strategy.

Alignment with Gaming DAO Metrics:

  • OKR: Support NEAR Gaming Ecosystem.
  • KR: Increase in the number of developed games.
  • KPI: Number of games launched.

SMM Report


  • Creation and dissemination of content about games on NEAR on Twitter and Telegram.
  • Twitter: 41100 impressions, 158 link clicks, 155 retweets, 668 likes, 170 responses.
  • Telegram: 2612 impressions.

Alignment with Gaming DAO Metrics:

  • OKR: Elevate NEAR’s Brand Awareness.
  • KR: Expand NEAR’s online presence.
  • KPI: Social media growth metrics.

Detailed SMM report: Monthly Report - Social Media Manager(SMM) of Gaming DAO | February 2024

Consolidated Report on the Activities of Gaming DAO Consuls for February 2024

In February 2024, the Gaming DAO consuls, Evgeny, Jeff, and Daniel, actively engaged in analyzing and evaluating proposals aimed at the development of the NEAR blockchain gaming ecosystem. During this month, 16 proposals were considered, out of which only 3 were ultimately approved.

Key Activities of the Consuls:

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Proposals: The consuls conducted a thorough analysis of the proposals, focusing on their feasibility, budget, and alignment with the key performance indicators (KPIs) of Gaming DAO and NDC.
  • Strategic Planning and Milestone Development: For the approved projects, the consuls developed detailed strategies for collaboration and defined milestones that will serve as the basis for funding allocation.
  • Communication and Support: The consuls actively interacted with both the teams of approved projects and those whose applications were rejected, providing feedback and guidance for further development.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects: They controlled the progress of milestones for previously funded projects and assessed their outcomes for further funding.

Personal reports

Evgeny - Gaming DAO Council Report February

Jeff - Gaming DAO Council Report February 2024

Danielo - Gaming DAO Council Report February


In February, Gaming DAO played a pivotal role in the development of the gaming industry on the NEAR platform, successfully funding projects like Vex, Marma J, and Blocksy Royale. The actions of Gaming DAO align with the strategic goals of supporting the NEAR gaming ecosystem and contribute to the growth in the number of developed games and increased community engagement. The work of the Gaming DAO consuls, focused on analyzing and evaluating projects, as well as strategic planning and support, has significantly facilitated progress in this direction.

Best wishes, Gaming Dao team