[Report] Future is Near Music Competition. (Conclusion)

It’s been a long tedious past few weeks ever since the inception of the competition till date and I’m quite amazed at the results. I with the collaborative efforts of the C1 members, with our resources combined, we were able to successfully pull this off with the provided funding. For five weeks, we put our resourcefulness into good use as I strategically disbursed the provided funds into promotion, various blog post, content creation and lastly the winning price which was paid off to the winner of the competition. Maximizing each and every provided service to the fullest, here are the results below for your examination.

. Total amount of clicks on our provided links to the registration page: 420

. Traffic Out: 199 (with the statistics :bar_chart: on each link clicked)

. Number of confirmed sign ups: 27

. Unveiling the winner (we had an awesome time at the finally where the winner was unveiled)
Winner​:trophy: : cryptomuse01.near

Observation: The account opening process isn’t smooth yet, So, physical onboarding will be more effective.
Time duration can really be cut down by half with more physical relations and interactions.
More funding would have gotten even larger numbers because marketing is key.

Conclusion: The Nigerian space is ripe and they are open to development. The web3 is gradually taking a foot hold in Nigeria and there has not been a better time than now to grasp the opportunity of onboarding not just Nigeria but Africa as a whole to the Nearverse. I look forward to a time when Near will be a recognized and certified currency in some key African countries and it is only possible by seizing the opportunities as they present themselves because I strongly believe “the future is near” and it would greatly help in not just Near’s agenda of bringing people together and building a community but also in my own personal agenda of alleviating my country men from poverty. Web 3 is that answer and Near is the key.

Thank you.

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