[REPORT] ( Full Stack Engineer | DAOrecords | September 2022 )

DAO Name: DAOrecords

Position: Full Stack Engineer

Report for the month and year: September, 2022

Proposed objectives: [PROPOSAL] ( Full Stack Developer | DAOrecords | Sept 2022 )

Accomplished objectives:

  • Finished the contract development for staking
  • Finished the backend development for staking
  • Working with @ottpeter on the frontend integration of staking contract
  • Working on the Royalty distribution flow
  • Finalised the scope for v1 of DAO Console
  • Internal planning meetings & dev team meetings

Majority of the time this month was spent on completing the development of backend and contract for the NFT staking as well as frontend integration for it which is in progress. Also spent time working on the Royalty distribution.

NEAR wallet name: cryptovaibhav.near

Hours contributed: 75

Total requested funds: $3000

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Is this a report or a proposal?

Share link to Github repository :man_detective:

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Iā€™m sorry @hairen but how is this report relevant to you?

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