[REPORT] ( Full Stack Engineer | DAOrecords | August 2022 )

DAO Name: DAOrecords

Position: Full Stack Engineer

Report for the month and year: August, 2022

Proposed objectives: [PROPOSAL] ( Full Stack Developer | DAOrecords | Aug 2022 )

Accomplished objectives:

  • Gathered & prepared the requirements for Console, NFT Staking & Royalty Distribution
  • Involved in the Architecture and Technical design of the Console & NFT Staking
  • R&D on Sputnik DAO integration along with @ottpeter
  • Started working on the NFT Staking flow
  • Designed & started working on the Royalty distribution flow
  • Internal planning meetings, dev team meetings & external collab meetings

Majority of the time this month was spent on gathering, preparing & finalising the requirements for the Console, NFT Staking & Royalty structure. Finalised on the Architecture of the above 3. Started R&D on the above topics as well.

NEAR wallet name: cryptovaibhav.near

Hours contributed: 100

Total requested funds: $3000