[REPORT] Filipino Artist Workshop May-June Report

Hello everyone,

This is my report for the Filipino Artist Workshop from May - June.

So far we finished 4 sessions out of 8.

Session 1: Drawing shapes

We taught them how to draw in the simplest form, breaking down the subject into simple shapes and creating a basic structure on which they can build their drawing. In this session, they will also learn about shape language.


Session 2: Gesture/Figure Drawing

In this session, we tackled different human poses using their knowledge of drawing basic shapes. The students learned how to use the line of action to use as a guide when drawing gestures, basic proportions, and foreshortening.


Session 3: Proportion and Perspective

After the students learned how to create a basic structure and how to twist and modify it to create basic proportions, gestures, and poses. In this session we focused on using perspective to make their illustrations more dynamic and by using perspective they will also know how proportions work as well.

Session 4: Anatomy

After the students learned how to create a basic human structure using shapes, drawing gestures, and using proportions and foreshortening, we taught them how to put in the details of the human body into a drawing. We studied the human anatomy, not at the scientific level but more on how we can use it as an artist. We learned how muscles work, where they are located, what they look like, what are the muscle groups, and the skeletal structure.


Average student participation is 8 - 12 per session.
Every session is recorded so other students that were not able to attend can catch up as well.

After each session, we always give them homework related to the session and give them feedback so we can guide them as well.

Some of the student homework are posted in our Filipino Artist workshop thread under the comment section:

We just finished Session 5 today (July 3, 2022) - it’s about Light and Shadow values, it is explained in black and white to give them a better understanding of light and shadow first before they move on with using light and shadow with colors.

Thanks everyone!


Thank you sir @runesofuttoria for your dedication to help us Filipino Artist Guild artists improve our talent :innocent:


Thanks To Our Mentors Who Give their best To share and Teach All the Students who loved to learn the perspective and Anatomy. LFG​:rocket::rocket:

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Thank you so much, guys! :slight_smile: