[REPORT] Creatives Constellation Trustee - Paul

I doubt if a 5-day-old account was created to raise an unhealthy conversation like this. Please understand that the pause of funding was not under the decision of mod team, and the aim is to restructure the funding process to be more align with NF’s core values. There are works that need to be done to move things forward, and they need to be agreed by relevant stakeholders as well.

If you’re a DAO member, you should know what have been done or at least go through our report so that you understand more where we are & what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

Never deny someone else’s efforts. I could have ignored this since the report is made for other members of the community as well, but I want you to understand that taking a clone account to blame people doesn’t help our progress at all.

William X


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Hi Paul,

Wondering why the new proposal for remuneration is as a comment on a 6+ month post, labelled REPORT.

The standard should be for each new proposal to have a separate gov forum post, clearly labelled [PROPOSAL]. This both helps to track things over time and for appropriate community input.



IMO, it’s better to have all the reports related to the particular role in one place.

Are other grassroots DAOs following these? Unfourtently, I don’t recall any single proposal and single report by the current mods/contributors/council, only one collective report on a monthly basis. Taking this into the consideration, I agree that Creatives should provide an additional collective report, but we should not skip the single ones like I’m presenting here.

Regarding the case of “active” and “brand new community members” spreading false information - I find it strange, that the URLs in my report haven’t been even opened but yet I’m receiving the hate comments. I wonder why every grassroots initiative receives so much venomous hate on various topics on the forum and why we keep receiving false accusations by one-time accounts, without a try to gain a deeper understanding of a topic in the first place.
Hope my comment finds real community members and contributors.

Have a nice Sunday!


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The main issue seems to be around visibility.

Creating a new post (whether collective or individual) and labelling it [PROPOSAL] with dates that clearly indicate it is a new payment would make it show up on people’s radar, and the title let’s them know it needs their attention.

I am not implying bad faith, but it is certainly open to interpretation why a proposal for payment would be buried under a 6+ month old REPORT. Nothing from the title would make people look into it as they may assume it is old information and/or does not contain new items to be paid out.

I agree that the forum has had issues for a while with anon accounts that may not have the best intentions. I’ve been consistently attacked myself. Hence why I think it is important to always differentiate between legitimate grievances (perhaps the way information is posted causes confusion, etc.) and ill intentioned posts that focus on personal attacks, etc.


Makes sense, thanks for checking and your feedback.


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February 2023 Report

Creatives have come a long way since the latest funding break. We had to restructure the entire DAO, and thanks to the built relationship between Creatives and NF, we managed to achieve it. From the 1st of March, the team and I will be reviewing the proposals submitted to CreativesDAO, based on the guidelines, with a focus on funding quality projects. To avoid conflict of interests, I’ve stepped down from all DAOs in the creatives ecosystem. The old CreativesDAO on Astro is going to be closed and the remaining funds will be transferred to the new address, once this proposal will be approved. Moreover, in the next months, we will be focusing on building the processes within the Creatives Working Group in order to provide bigger and better support within the Creatives’ community, also in the upcoming days, we’re going to finalize establishing the trust with NF and the legal firm. This report will be used to request a remuneration of $2000 for the one month of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.
The collective report of the whole CreativesDAO will be available within a few days!

TLDR of my February contribution:

  • One meeting with NF and legal firm + second scheduled for the 27th of Feb,
  • Written article on the CreativesDAO website, summarizing the month of February,
  • Revamp the news section in creativesdao.org,
  • Creatives Working Group proposal drafting with the team regarding its structure,
  • Final payout to the web dev for creatives’ website creation,
  • CreativesDAO Guidelines have been introduced to the community,
  • Regular follow-up meetings with @DammnThatsCrazy
  • Internal follow-up calls with the team on the weekly basis (2-4),
  • Weekly community calls on TG,
  • Constant activity in Creatives streams.

Hours contributed: +150


Thank you for the work you and the team have been doing! I know this process has been in the works for some time but I’m glad to be working with you and hopefully we’ll see our hard work pay off soon. :grinning:


March 2023 Report

During the month of March, the CreativesDAO team was highly productive and achieved several notable milestones. Specifically, we successfully evaluated 35 proposals, held 4 community calls, and provided assistance to our valued community members through CreativesDAO Open Hours. Additionally, we made significant progress with legal matters related to the CreativesDAO Charter, which will soon be shared with the community.

As a team, we take our responsibilities seriously and are committed to delivering high-quality results. We look forward to providing more updates in the near future. A more detailed report of my contributions is available below, and this report will be used to request a remuneration of $2000 for the month of March.

March contribution:

  • Cooperation with the Governance Working Group (GWG):
    • Attended three meetings in March
    • Finalized the CreativesDAO Charter (soon to be available for the community) to lock the future funding for Creatives from NDC
  • Cooperation with The Walkers:
    • Attended two meetings in March
    • Set up a Special Purpose Trust agreement, aligned with the CreativesDAO Charter, to lock the future funding for Creatives from NDC
  • CreativesDAO Office Hours:
    • Reserved time slots to help as many DAOs/projects as possible; attended twelve out of fifteen meetings in March
    • Book a call with the CreativesDAO if you have questions related to our guidelines or any other queries - Calendly - Creatives DAO
  • Weekly community calls on TG
  • Bi-weekly follow-up calls with Osaze (@DammnThatsCrazy)
  • Internal meetings (Lost count this month)
  • Ongoing research regarding possible ways of transitioning into dapp, involving the Creatives Working Group with a more decentralized voting structure + additional benefits for the community
  • Constant activity in the Creatives streams

Hours contributed in March: 160


Great work, great dedication to building the NEAR community, stay Creatives, keep it up Bro :fist_right::fist_left:


April 2023 Report

In April, the Creatives DAO received a total of 21 proposals. Following a thorough evaluation process aligned with NEAR’s strategic goals and the established guidelines and procedures of the Creatives DAO, 9 proposals were approved for funding. This selection reflects our commitment to supporting projects that demonstrate strong potential and align with our vision.

We dedicated our efforts to finalizing the CreativesDAO Charter based on valuable feedback from the community, ensuring its alignment with our goals and values. Simultaneously, we were actively working on finalizing The CreativesDAO Trust instrument in collaboration with The Walkers and Enforcer.

Additionally, the CreativesDAO submitted a formal complaint supported by compelling evidence, addressing incidents of misbehavior towards others. We specifically highlighted a bullying attitude displayed by the representative of the Marketing DAO.

April Contributions:

  • Finalized the Charter with the community’s input
  • Conducted weekly community calls on Telegram
  • Held weekly sync calls with NF
  • Engaged in weekly sync calls with GWG
  • Participated in two meetings with the NF Legal Team
  • Conducted daily internal meetings
  • Prepared a presentation for the NF Town Hall about CreativesDAO, which can be viewed here
  • Collaborated in four calls between Enforcer and Trustees to prepare the final Trust Instrument for CreativesDAO, to be sent to The Walkers
  • Conducted CreativesDAO Office Hours, including fourteen meetings in April. Book a call with the CreativesDAO using Calendly if you have any questions or inquiries related to our guidelines
  • Finalized a partnership with FREE ARTISTS
  • Engaged in ongoing and extensive research regarding creative communities and projects interested in building on NEAR
  • Maintained constant activity in the Creatives streams

Hours contributed in April: 150+

We are pleased to mention that Creatives DAO was featured in Messari’s Report on the State of NEAR Q1 2023. You can read the report here.

It is an honor to serve and be a part of the decentralization movement and history. Special thanks to all good souls in the eco, especially to the dream team of @creativesdao-council!

Stay Creatives,


May Contributions:

Hours contributed in May: 160+

May Updates

In our role, we are entrusted with a variety of responsibilities and tasks that can be quite demanding. It is not feasible to enumerate every single activity, so I have opted to emphasize the most significant ones that I fulfilled in May.

As always, it is an honor to serve and be a part of the community.
Special thanks to all the good souls and @creativesdao-council!

Stay Creative,


June Contributions:

Hours contributed in June: 160+

June Updates

  • On the 6th of June, we had a call with Wonderverse’s Project Manager regarding AstroDAO’s further development, as Pagoda would like to migrate it to a different team. We acknowledged that the migration hasn’t really started yet, and both teams are working on OKRs and associated timelines. As AstroDAO doesn’t show the treasury properly in other tokens than $NEAR, we advise using Sputnik BOS. Wonderverse is interested in collaborating with Creatives Constellation as the Creatives community can serve as a good reference point for what is needed in practice while managing their digital assets and movements,

  • The formal Complaint against Marketing DAO council Dacha for breach of community guidelines still remains open for the Creatives Constellation, as the cyberbully hasn’t faced the consequences of his actions yet.

As always, in our role, we are entrusted with a variety of responsibilities and tasks that can be quite demanding. It is not feasible to enumerate every single activity, so I have opted to emphasize the most significant ones that I fulfilled in June.

Special thanks to all the good souls and to my dream team of @creativesdao-council!

Stay Creative,


Thanks for the hard work and supporting creative DAO


My #Regen Contribution In A Nutshell:

Hours: lost count this month, I’m here every day.

P.S. I’ve applied for the Transparency Commission. If you believe that my further contribution will add value to NDC, feel free to leave your vote HERE.

P.S. 2: The case against Dacha for cyberbullying is still valid as he didn’t face any consequences for his unethical attitude (just in case you forgot).


My Regen Contribution In A Nutshell For August:

P.S. I’ve applied for the Transparency Commission. If you believe that my further contribution will add value to NDC, feel free to leave your vote HERE. Elections are starting in one week.


September’s Regen Contribution

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported me during the recent NDC Elections. While I did not secure a spot in the top 7, your unwavering support propelled me to the 14th position with 112 votes, a result that far exceeded my expectations. Congratulations to all the winners!

In the coming days, the CreativesDAO community will have the opportunity to participate in ETH Milan. I am eagerly looking forward to this event as it will mark the first occasion where members of our community come together in person.

As customary, I would like to provide a summary of my contributions to the CreativesDAO during September:

Please note that while this report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of my contributions in September, there may be additional activities or initiatives that I may have inadvertently omitted. :slight_smile:

Stay Creatives and see ya in Milan!


October & November Regen Contribution

A lot of hard work - that’s how I can describe the past two months in CDAO.
October began with preparation for the ETH Milan, where together with the team and the community we were highlighting NEAR and CDAO. If you wish to know more, check the official report below:

In October, I also participated in reviewing the funding proposals, based on our old metric and score system. However, October was the last month we were using that model.
For more, feel free to check the collective spreadsheet below and the official proposal to NDC:

In November, I went to the NEARcon in Lisbon. My time there was focused on gaining necessary feedback about the CreativesDAO, its projects, pros & cons, possible ways to improve, and more! I and the team managed to meet with NF and a few NDC representatives. I must say on behalf of the CDAO team that the time spent there was very beneficial to us, and it gave us a new angle on the NEAR community and its eco. Thanks to that, we can now leverage the gathered feedback to improve the DAO.
The NEAR community is in the transition to V1, which will start in December, therefore, November is the only month that represents NDC V0.5, where we had to implement KPIs prepared by the HoM.

Because of the short notice and deadlines due to the transition period, we received 13 proposals, which we evaluated thoughtfully based on the KPIs received from HoM. We have managed to approve 8 for the total amount of $34830, however, after the HoM’s extensive feedback and supportive approach, we have agreed to reduce that amount to $27080.

Besides the above, we have been working on the V1 Application to NDC. With the V1, The CreativesDAO Charter is going to be revised, with its metric system (in line with HoM), covered areas by CDAO, and even our internal structure. The main purpose of this is to be more aligned with the NEAR eco and its community. Check our work below:

Except for the above, I’m fulfilling the current tasks in the CDAO such as:

  • Managing the bookkeeping spreadsheet for CDAO treasury in order to track our costs, inflows/outflows,
  • Managed the payout process for Creatives’ grantees, which involved preparing reward agreements and submitting transfer-type proposals to the grantees’ DAO addresses in the DAO, and the KYC process with cooperation with NF,
  • Actively participated in meetings with NF,
  • Engaged in internal catch-up calls with the team on a weekly basis,
  • Maintain an active presence (including weekends and days off) in the Creatives streams (and beyond) and promptly address queries from the community.

Looking forward to the NDC V1 and to the completely new chapter for the CreativesDAO. I hope that the transition will occur in a respectful manner with an objective approach.

P.S. Soon I’ll restore the weekly updates for CreativesDAO via NEAR Social! :dark_sunglasses:

Stay Creatives