[REPORT] Cosmia DAO June Monthly

This month activity brought us to some deep reflection about our journey with the DAO, mostly about slowing down and connecting more as humans.

Project Name: Cosmia

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project active members:

Francesca Fretti mormostrix.near

@BarbaraTosti barbaratosti.near


Stefania Giudici stefaniagiudici.near

Viviana doublev.near

Project Accounting: current account balance 692,23 USD*


(Circle payout of june still pending cause we are planning another workshop so in the end every member will be autonomous on the DAO managing)

Updated Project Sections Timeline:


We received few but really awesome submission for our calls they close 9th of july, one is to find our LOGO and another to start NARRANDOMNIA store. Both are also available as NFT to be collected or sent as gift to participants



Intellectual antibody certification cosmia.org Call to the arts LOGO - 22 Our association is in search for the LOGO and calls you to the arts! Cosmia | A WOMAN’S CREATIVE PROJECT We are a collective of women spread over the surface of Mother…



Honey of libertarian creativity guarantees psychophysical health of individuals and nourishes mind, spirit, soul and body through culture and sociality not aligned with the dominant system The pollinating moths of cosmia.org join the…


Tthe new procedure on the DAO fund request with cfc is really taking a lot of time and you need to be really engaged to get some wiew, since that is managed for now by me, @BarbaraTosti alone, and since I am also an artist with active projects in NEAR we decided to slow down the request to bi-monthly to allow me have the time to focus on other important activities on the DAO and on the Cosmia and Cicatriciebaci project.

Onboarding of the participants outside crypto is a bit delaied in order to focus first on the issue to produce a good product, then before minting we will onboard all the contributors (non crypto writers) involved.


The official drop in real life and in crypto is coming closer, within the end of august, in short available in presale.


We started a bounty in June and this was a really crazy experience, but well at least we can grow out of that. Tha story is, I wrote and published this bounty but did not promoted it except in trusted groups, expecting to make some good contacts and chat about on how to proceed

What happened in reality is that many unknown people without even ask or contact me, just whent straight completing actions for the bounty, mostly of those were unable to reach not even one like on Twitter… Completely unespected.
For this reason I closed the Bounty as soon as I could to keep some money to invest in only serious humans, the idea was to find supporters that care of the project, probably they were two out of 25 :no_mouth:
Afther this we decided to be more selective and find different ways to bring attention and potential grow to the DAO investing in more QUALITY and not bothering about timing. No rush, good flow.


Let me summun again, we decided to invest more in quality and not bothering about timing. No rush, good flow. and we decided to slow down the request to bi-monthly until we can run faster.

Thanks for reading and feel free to contact me for anithing.