[Report] Brazilian Music at NEAR

Brazilian Music at NEAR

Carlos Escouto

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    Alexandre Macieira
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Holding a concert and virtual exhibition on May 21, 2022 with the first guest band of the Brazilian Music at NEAR event.

Title: Brazilian Music at NEAR

Show the versatility of the NEAR platform in receiving all art format using various tools to expose Brazilian artists. In this first edition, the proponent intends to promote, produce and publicize the artistic work of the band ‘‘Dama Etílica’’ on NEAR. The project will finance an authorial show of the band and then will produce an exhibition and works in NFT of the musical work of the “Dama Etílica”. The show will be free to access in the metaverse using a space in the Cryptovoxels metaverse. The works in NFT will also be available on the proponents’ wallets for dissemination, circulation and purchase by blockchain users.

Holding events and exhibitions is an incentive for our artists to continue producing and publishing their works on the Mintbase-NEAR platform. The Octopode DAO stands firm in its values and principles by generating actions that are relevant to the community and help in the growth of the network, further strengthening the Mintbase-NEAR network and showing how effective it is to receive more artistic expressions.

Guest: Dama Etílica is a rock band geographically located in the southern region of the country, specifically in the city of Pelotas/RS which is less than 150 kilometers from Uruguay. The band has in its essence the “Pampa rock” style. Pampa is the biome where the band is located and is influenced by the Uruguayan and Argentine musical culture. The band has more than 6 years of trajectory in music and has two EP’s; ‘‘Infinito ao Sul’’ and ‘‘Cidades’’ and has a total of 16 authorial songs.


The Action: Brazilian Music at NEAR is an event that intends to show the diversity of Brazilian music seeking bands, musicians, sounds and musical artistic varieties throughout the Brazilian territory.
It is a project that intends to bring the Brazilian music artist into the Mintbase-NEAR platform and insert it in the metaverse, thus offering an additional opportunity to show their work and be paid for it. This way we guarantee the historical record turning this art into NFTs. The photos and short videos will also be organized in 3XR Space, but we hope to find a place on Cryptovoxels or another platform where we can hold an exhibition with all the works together.

The pre-event is already being organized since the end of April by holding meetings and conversations between those involved and possible guests.
After the approval of the proposal we will start the activities that are scheduled to begin on May 6, 2022, where the graphic materials and texts will be produced for the following week.
From May 9 to May 13 we will organize texts, posters, videos and photographic images of the band, and promote them, as well as invitations in Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord groups of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All this content will also be available for dissemination in the social networks of Gambiarra DAO and the proponents.
All the material generated by the Brazilian Music in NEAR project will be available in the format of a concert and virtual exhibition on May 21, 2022.

Budget: USD 800 in NEAR

USD 150 in NEAR - Local Production and Band

USD 150 in NEAR to be paid to isadanoninho.near 

Production of the graphic arts for the event.
Production and assistance in the metaverse.

USD 250 in NEAR payable to escouto.near
Publicize and make the call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Octopode DAO and Gambiarra in the personal profile of the proponents).
Curate and select band, hire, formalize use of image and authorship rights.
Hiring a photographer
Dissemination of the entire process and final report.

Accountability at the end of the project

USD 250 in NEAR to be paid to macieira.near
Publicize and make the call for participants (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook of Gambiarra DAO and personal profile of the proponents).
Prepare texts for dissemination in Instagram and Twitter formats, and YouTube video description.
Organize the structure of all publications
Selection, listing and assembly of the NFTs
Set up the Exhibition at 3XRSpace
Accountability at the end of the project

Note: The payment of the band will be made by the proponent.

SIGNATURE: Carlos Escouto

Carlos Escouto: Theater Teacher, Cultural Producer
president municipal council of culture

Alexandre Macieira:
Link Curriculo: @alexandremacieira | Linktree
Site: http://alexandremacieira.com.br
Isa Danone:
Link Currículo: Danone Psicodélico | Linktree


Amazing Work @Carlos Valuing Art and Culture always!


A pleasure to be part of this proposal and to start another beautiful story here! :heart: Long live Brazilian music! :musical_note: :heart: :notes:


Flyer and Instagram Story Post, DONE!


Update flyer


[Completed] Brazilian Music at NEAR - Octopode DAO

Project Status: COMPLETED

Project accounting:

Holding a concert at the Gambiarra DAO and FEMINU DAO Galleries building located in the Cryptovoxels Metaverse on 5/26/2022 at 8pm. The show was accompanied by a photographic exhibition of the month’s guest band, the “Ethyl Lady”. The exhibition stayed in the space until 5/31/2022.

**Budget: 800 USD in NEAR

Timeline of the updated project:

The first week of the project was selection and negotiation with the pre-selected bands. There was an unforeseen problem with the band that we had already closed, so, the search was opened again for another group of artists that was soon solved with the closing of the same band previously selected with a new arrangement. The band was told how the project would work, the use of the band’s copyrights and photos by the proponents on the platforms, and the band’s assignment for copyright use of the works. The musical part started to be rehearsed by the band with rehearsals twice a week. The recording in the studio, due to availability, was set for May 18th.

In the second week the poster for the event began to be designed by @isadanone. She and the proponent Carlos had a meeting to define the color palette and the aesthetics of the flyer to be better worked by @isadanone. Alexandre Macieira began to create the texts for dissemination on social networks and telegram groups, whatsapp and discord.

In the third week the project was practically ready. The video of the band’s concert and the photo essay were already available. We postponed the release to the 26th because of the initial unforeseen event and because of the time needed to publicize the video’s premiere and adjustments in editing and release on youtube. @alexandremacieira together with the band created a wallet for them to coin their photographs. At the same time, the photo exhibition was created in the Cryptovoxels space and the video released on youtube in premiere mode for 05/26 at 8pm. The video link was embedded in Cryptovoxels and was available until 5/31.

Dama Etílica - INFINITO Acústico - Live


The artwork was also circulated on facebook getting 25 reactions - Carlos Escouto on Instagram: "AMANHÃ 😃 Mais uma realização e produção artística da @octópode e @nearprotocol! O projeto ''Musica brasileira na Near'' está selecionando trabalhos autorais em música brasileira para divulgação na near, montagem de exposição e criação de NFT's dos trabalhos. A banda deste mês é a @damaetilica que apresentará o show ''Infinito acústico'' dia 26/05 às 20:00 no Criptovoxels. A banda trabalha com o ritmo pampa rock gaúcho e está localizada na região sul do sul do Brasil, quase fronteira com Uruguai, na cidade de Pelotas\RS. Acompanhem o trabalho da banda nas mídias streaming, canal do youtube e facebook. A produção do trabalho é minha e de @alexandremacieira . Arte e produção no criptovoxels é de @danonepsicodelico Financiamento é da @nearprotocol e realização é da @octopodedao. Agradeço também a @gambiarranear e @feminudao pela cedência do espaço para o show da banda. Evoé! #nearblockchain #octópodedao #musica #musicabrasileira #musicaautoralbrasileira #musicabrasileirananear #damaetilica #rockgaúcho #infinitoacústico"
A highlight was created by the proponent on instagram posting the mentions in story of the project circulation - https://www.instagram.com/s/aGlnaGxpZ2h0OjE4MDE0MjUzNTI5NDAwODcz?story_media_id=2844823596644442901&igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Another post by Octopode with photos of the show and the exhibition at cryptvoxels is also available on Octopode’s instagram - Octópode DAO on Instagram: "On May 26, 2022 was the premiere of Brazilian Music NEAR at @cryptovoxels Metaverse at @gambiarranear and @feminudao space. An artistic realization and production by @octopodedao and @near_protocol! The show "Infinito Acústico" by the band @damaetilica was a success. The art and production at Cryptovoxels was done by @isa_danoninho and the production work was done by @ciclanocarlos and @alexandremacieira, including the photos in this publication are by Macieira, who has been developing his work as a photographer also at Metaverso, recording the best angles of exhibitions, performances and parties held there. #The project "Brazilian Music at NEAR" is selecting Brazilian music authorial works to be published at NEAR, setting up an exhibition and creating NFTs of the works. Funding is provided by NEAR Protocol and Octopode DAO. A special thanks to Gambiarra NEAR and FEMINU DAO for providing the space for the event. There's more next month!"




ETHICAL DAMA #01 Infinite Acoustic

ETHYLIC DAMA #02 Acoustic Infinite

ETHYLIC DAMA #03 Acoustic Infinite

ETHICAL MAMA #04 Acoustic Infinite

ETHICAL MAMA #05 Acoustic Infinity

ETHICAL MAMA #06 Acoustic Infinite

ETHYLIC DAMA #07 Acoustic Infinite

ETHICAL DAMA #09 Infinite Acoustic

NFT - 3XR Space - Brazilian Music Exhibition NEAR 1st Edition - Band DAMA ETÍLICA

3XR Space - Brazilian Music Exhibition NEAR 1st Edition - Band DAMA ETÍLICA

Highlights and reviews:

One of the highlights was the creation of the wallet by the band Ethyl Lady and the band’s creation of NFT’s and minting on the blockchain. The band did not know the Cryptovoxels Metaverse universe which also served as new knowledge for the band when entering these spaces. Another highlight was the project’s circulation and the interest of artists in exposing their musical artwork in this format. Thus, one can see how powerful this kind of work is, and how distant this platform in the metaverse is from the reality of many artists.
One of the criticisms is the part of the project’s budget that was below market levels. During the execution it was studied to split the project with other DAO’s to raise the band’s budget and consequently be able to better remunerate the artists and the workers involved in the production, both executive and musical.
Another criticism was not having done the best marketing planning for the project execution process. The marketing was only in the final stage what could have been better and more publicized, since the beginning of the process, also for the reason of sharing the production process and the operationality of both the musical recording and the organization of the exhibition at Cryptovoxels for better understanding of the public of the whole process.


It was seen that the amount paid for the band’s work was below the music market, since the amount paid includes the band, recording in the studio and photography. The learning was that for the next editions this has to be improved.
Another lesson learned was how the Cryptovoxels space works and how it operates.
Another learning was the proponents themselves in deepening their knowledge in blockchain, researching other music DAOs and spaces for exhibitions in the Metaverse. As the project becomes a continuation with the goal of spreading the Brazilian authorial music on Near, it is being primordial to establish contacts with other DAOs so that the work can continue, both in the issue of funding and for the place of exhibition.

*Next steps:

Establish contacts with other DAOs to improve the financing of the project and negotiate the cession or rental of spaces to be able to make the musical exhibitions. The contact with the Octodopode DAO still continues, but it is necessary to broaden the contacts to expand the project and consolidate its permanence.