[Report] Afrostar Guild Music Project For Female Musician JANUARY

Proposed For Myself project while I handle bringing Every female projects in Afrostar guild.

I recorded just one track off my project, but couldn’t continue further because i had to write my exams in school (Lagos State Polytechnic, so i brought in DEBUSH a dope upcoming female musician in Nigeria to start her own project already,

She has completely recorded 2 songs,
we shot video for one (video still under editing)

while artwork for all songs will be made by @Ligaya, according to @sterryo once the artwork is ready… songs are gonna be minted for her.

Here are the songs recorded AFROSTAR RECORDINGS - Google Drive



weldone ife, :clap: :clap: nice all interestingly in check

hope, to see you do your own project in february, while we complete debush’s project :partying_face:


yea, im done with my exams now… cant wait to get to busines

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freshh… keep up the good works