[Report] Afrostar Guild Female Festival

AfroStar Guild female creatives festival went epic on 26 of July 2022 in LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTER. As everyone of our guild members got to meet physically for the first time to celebrate creativity on NEAR Blockchain and technology at the same time. It turned out to be an event beyond just female musicians, but onboarding everyone in creatives field into the blockchain technology, teaching people the benefits of NFTs and what DAO means.

We have a long list of 78 people on-boarded on the day with NEAR Wallet addresses given below​:point_down: > *> *

> * Akinimade.near Gold0.near Peterjohn.near Seyid1.near Damitolu.near Ade75.near Akorede0.near Sam022.near Sylvester.near Gideonsteph.near Abdulbazeet.near Rukie.near Sorinola.near Mubarak.near *
> samson2.near, olababs.near, tunde01.near, mayowa20.near, hemzee.near,rabbiu.near,abrahamog.near,usmandgood.near,salamibaz.near,hayzed.near
> robertson21.near,dammydman.near,ce01.near,adewale22.near,akinz.near,succy.near, wilsondhee.near, bamiro.near,timini00.near,batunde.near,rillwiz.near, damily.naer, quadri4u.near, abdulqazeem.near, sammyboy.near, timothy24.near,peter22.near akintunde300.near stevenrule.near williamsodi.near Ogonaya.near Bolade.near maryjane.near Olawale0.near Mubarak.near Rukie.near Belloboy.near Akande.near Tomisi.near Josephine.near Sarah11.near Blackman100.near Oloriade.near Akinwale2000.near Idrispop.near Olamilekan00.near Sirchuks0.near Chineduedu.near Holygee.near Wisdom0.near

  • We collected 23 Content and minted 7 Instantly, we also taught new members how to mint on our mintbase store.

Now we have 136 members on our Telegram and 22 members on our AstroDAO

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it was one a beautiful experience. like can. we have that again!

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