[REPORT] AC-DAO Council Report: Marketing Lead for April/May

Greetings Community

April and May have been months filled with vigorous engagement and strategic collaboration for the AC-DAO marketing team. As the Marketing Lead and an AC-DAO council member, I led various initiatives focused on promoting our projects, broadening our reach, and refining our strategies to keep pace with the dynamic blockchain environment. This report details the activities carried out during these months and the progress we have achieved.

Detailed Review of Activities:

  1. Team Coordination and Strategic Planning:
  • Throughout these two months, I facilitated over 10 discussions with the AC-DAO team to deliberate on ongoing projects and review new proposals. These discussions were pivotal in ensuring a unified approach to our operations and strategic alignment across different areas.
  • We organized weekly strategy meetings with Aurora Labs to jointly craft and execute work plans, which were essential for aligning our marketing efforts with the broader project goals.
  1. Content Creation and Management:
  • I was responsible for supervising the daily production, design, and validation of content developed by our SMM specialists. This content was consistently shared across Twitter, Telegram, and Near Social to engage our audience.
  • Our content strategy was meticulously crafted to align with our broader marketing objectives, ensuring that each piece of content was informative and effectively engaged our community.
  1. Project Funding and Support:
  • In my role on the council, I was actively involved in selecting projects for funding, which included conducting 15 in-depth discussions with various project teams to gauge their objectives and how they align with AC-DAO’s goals.
  • These interactions helped to forge a detailed strategy for promoting projects such as SwapSpace, Age of Mars, and Talentum Company_stage 2, ensuring that the community is well-informed about the projects supported within our ecosystem.
  1. Community Engagement through AMA Sessions:
  • I arranged several “How it Works” AMA sessions with projects we support, aimed at educating and engaging the community and providing deep dives into the projects’ operations and advancements.
  • I also hosted AMA sessions on platforms not directly linked to NDC, NEAR, or Aurora, which helped us extend our reach and engage a wider audience.
  • Rewards were distributed exclusively in Aurora, and I offered instructions on how to set up wallets, simplifying the process for participants to receive rewards for their valuable contributions.

:exclamation: Links to all referenced events and activities will be available in the DAO report soon

We have significantly strengthened our support for projects, enhanced community engagement, and fine-tuned our collaborative initiatives with Aurora Labs. As we progress, we will continue to focus on fostering the growth of the AC-DAO community and supporting the expansion of the ecosystem.