[Rejected] Marketing campaign for NEAR

This marketing project aims to promote NEAR using shirts and bracelets, via Influencers

Type of Marketing: Social media, Advertising

Funding scheme: One-time

As a creative, I’m proposing to make bracelets with afro beads and NEAR inscribed on them to promote NEAR in my community (Jos, Nigeria), we’ll also be creating a glow in the dark NEAR logo on shirts (t-shirts, sweat shirts) to go with the bracelets. The shirts and bracelets would have a customizable option where the person can add his name behind the shirt or name.near in the case of the bracelets.

We’re expecting that once were able to engage a few influencers with the shirts and have them promote NEAR, it should spark more interest in the community.

It would be difficult to track the people that would engage with NEAR indirectly, but we can know the numbers that would engage with us directly and and we can measure those that will directly get involved in the community.
This would be determined by the numbers we can get to open wallets and join the community on Discord

Bracelets- 10 USD x 30 shirts = 300 USD

Shirts- 20 USD x 30 shirts = 600 USD

Influencers(Chris Ani

Yele Bademosi ) = 500 USD + 500 USD (to engage more influencers in conversation)

TOTAL- 1400+500= 1900 USD

TOTAL in NEAR (as of last time checked)- 168.8889 NEAR

NEAR Wallet ID- mphil.near

Mamman Philemon

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Good evening, could you please share more information about influencers? Thanks

Hello @Dacha
We’ll be engaging two or three influencers. The budget for two is $250 each, or if we’re able to negotiate a better price then we can engage three.

Could you, please, share the links on their social media? Thank You

How will this be made possible? Physical influencing or social media? Also, how can the success of this be measured without an educative aim supporting it?

Chris Ani

Yele Bademosi

Both physical and social media. The metrics we’ll be measuring are the numbers we’re able to bring into the NEAR ecosystem, what we’re doing is gauging people receptivity to NEAR, what the community offers and how they can contribute to the community

Will this be done by opening of wallets or by following on social media handles or you have a group like telegram, and or Discord where these people will join in?

Thanks for the proposal – I love the enthusiasm for supporting NEAR and wanting to spread awareness, but there’s not enough substance to this proposal for me to support it. Here are a few reasons:

  • Swag funding usually accompanies marketing funding requests for an event, specific activation or launch where there is a clear connection between NEAR/Web3 and the recipients of the swag.
  • There’s no mention of the influencers. 30 influencers sounds like a lot for a pilot/first project. Are these influencers with any involvement or interest in NEAR? If not, then I am not sure I see the value there.
  • There’s no clear information about how you will track metrics in this proposal.

At this point, it is a no from me.

Seems Interesting, But Curious About the Influencer and Where these event going to happen , What is main purpose of the event .

Also Can your Share the Proper Plan for these event .

Thanks :fire:

Yes @IgbozeIsrael
I’ve updated the proposal to include a response to your question

Thanks for your response @so608

Thanks @Albhion
It’s mainly going to be online and the nature of the events will vary based on the platform we’re promoting on.

For example with Instagram one of the best ways to interact with a wide range of people is via reels. So in that case we would look into making reels.

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Sorry to ask but how does making reels relate to printing branded swags?

Are the swags going to be sold or they will be given out to people for free?

Your idea is awesome, i think you should make it clearer for us all to understand

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The initial arrangement is to make promo swags that would go for little cost, the influencer making the reel would also be wearing one.
Hope that sits well with you @IgbozeIsrael

Apologies for the long post
I’ve had such mixed results with influencer activations and especially crypto influencers. The problem is that many of them may have a following, but they don’t end up doing anything other than just making a few posts. That’s fine with a mass consumer B2C product, but not with something like this.

It feels like the influencers have to sign on to be “conversationalists”. 1,000 likes could easily be worth less ROI than a single meaningful conversation with their fans regardless of which social platform they’re activated on. It would be interesting to see how you plan to tackle the interactivity portion of their activations.

I think the core of your idea makes sense and the budget is reasonable. I actually think you should go bigger. Create an overarching story/strategy and activate with dozens of influencers. De-risk the investment by casting a wider net and give viewers the chance to interact with multiple influencers. If I see a post from an individual influencer, I might think “hu, interesting. Good for them for getting a paid gig.” If I see a dozen influencers having meaningful conversations on social media, I might think “oh wow, there’s something here.”

Thanks @Eccentric_Vagabond. These are great contributions.
Engaging the influencers in meaningful conversation is a positive direction.
Getting more influencers to engage in multiple conversations is definitely worth considering.

It’s a no from me. Try to find ways to either create more Near Wallets or generate traction within Near-related projects.

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In its current form i am unable to support this proposal