[Proposer] Power of a Woman

Prepare a creative piece on how Women participation in the Web 3.0 space with the use of Near tool can impact the society and help achieve a better life.

Visibility & goodwill for Near as an ecosystem that embracement women input and contribution to the web 3 space.
Creative Piece in this context refers to: A video, write up, art, audio, poem or music.

• Creative piece must be minted as an NFT in Near woman’s mintbase store and any NFT marketplace on Near (e.g mintbase, few & far, navito, tamango, etc)
• Entry should be posted on twitter with hashtag #Nearwoman #Powerofwomeninweb3
• Entry should be posted on Near social.

Key Metrics & Deliverables:
• Onboard 20 – 30 persons to Near creative space
• Promote the participation of women in Near and web 3
• Creation of 20 - 30 NFTs from entries
• Exploring the use of different marketplaces
• Interaction with Near Dapps that has not been explored e.g Navito, Near social, etc
• Goodwill for Near protocol
• Visibility for Near protocol’s goal of onboarding 10billion users to web 3
Prove of Work:
My team and I have good track record of delivering as stated in our prvioud bounties.

• Winner - $100
• 2Nd position - $70
• 3rd position - $50
• 4th position - $30
• Promotion: $50
• Total: $300

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