Proposal : Youngfresh Artiste of the Month

Young Fresh Artiste of the month (April, May, June)

We will be selecting an our artiste of the month based on the following criteria .

Strong engagement with community activities.( events, calls, publicity, etc.)

Has a strong drive towards creating ( music, arts etc)

Interacts with dapps on near blockchain

Creates and sells Nfts

Invite new members to the community.

We will be rewarding the young fresh artists with 100$.

The second most engaged in the community artist would be contacted to make graphics for the artiste of the month for a pay of 50$.

Expected outcome and Metrics
Support the dedicated artist In our community

Onboard 40 to 60 members to the near ecosystem

To increase traffic of new artists in our community
To encourage artists to make and sell nfts

Activities and timeline
Artiste will be selected in the last Saturday of every month
( designer will also be selected based on his engagement in the community)

100$ Creative of the month(April may $ June) : 300$

50$ ( April May & june)Graphics for artists: 50$

Total Budet : 450$