[proposal] west coast near

Project : West Coast Near ( @arroz-criativo )
Target wallet : k4pp4.near
Team members : Nkaka Sessa, @raquelareia , Steven R, Cátia Ciriaco
Timeline : 29/April/2022

West Coast is an event directed towards Hip Hop culture, with the main goal of promoting emerging artists, residing in the Almada/Trafaria area. The event is framed by the project 2T/2825 promoted by Canto do Curió cultural association, the program BAIRROS SAUDÁVEIS finances the organization of the event (space rental, coordination work of the event by Nkaka Sessa, communication work by Mário Alves and musical performance by GTO Fam . It is an event that has already had two editions, with free admission and with the participation of local businesses.

We intend to introduce this new reality (blockchain) to locals and also build a community decentralized from conventional media (social media).

It would be a great opportunity for us to introduce NEAR not only to locals, but also to this niche of emerging artists to blockchain, to promote a marketplace of NFT’s.

A member of the west coast organization, already collaborates with the planting air program, has had contact with near workshop, educations on DAOs and know about wallet creation dn distribution. I’ve enjoyed learning about the ecosystem and want to be more involved

We have in proposal a workshop about Crypto/NEAR where the participants will have the possibility to create a wallet, with credit to customize a t-shirt and use during the event for drinks.

I would like to request a fee for:
Guest artists - 5 artists @ 50e = 250
Creation of wallets (40 wallets and a beer offer, to be bought with NEAR) 3e pp = 120

T - shirt and materials - 130

Total request : 500 $


Great proposal, @K4PP4. Sounds like a great opportunity to bring West Coast into NEAR!


Adding @StevenR to the post :wink:


Welcome to the forum Nkaka, excited to help with this and onboard the community in Trafaria :pray:

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Welcome Nkaka, proposal looks really good.
Happy we can help support from Arroz!

Looking great! Good luck with the event, Nkaka. I’m excited to see it flourish.

Hello, everyone.

A quick update on this proposal: due to a overbooking, we will change the date of the West Coast Near to May, 14th. Thank you for your understanding.


Thank you for the update, @K4PP4. Looking foward to it, right @StevenR @CatiaCiriaco @marianeu ?