[Proposal] Web3 Lab in Mexico City

## [Web3 Lab3](TavernXR Web3 Lab_NEAR Proposal_28_02_2022 - Google Slides) - Mexico City

A Research and development lab with real-world, live use cases to engage and onboard the general public into the Near Open Web protocol via an integration for the full Web 3.0 tech stack. Blockchain, Crypto, Augmented & Virtual Reality, Spatial Audio, Geo-Mapping… The full range of spatial technology & the immersive web. Done via real-life, practical experiences and experiments on (Magic) and Bootcamps and DApp incubation and acceleration (Science). In collaboration with an Accelerator in Vancouver, Canada for a LATAM talent pipeline.

Description: An incubator, accelerator hub located in Roma Norte, Mexico City. This space will focus on creation, commerce, and education with a Near partnership. The first floor will focus on creation, connection, and commerce through a restaurant and an NFT gallery that will allow payment in NearPay or Pesos; to help create a real-world use-case of NearPay and NearProtocol NFTs. Through other partnerships with SuperWorld, MintBase, Casa Usher, Near Hispano, Nearpay, DOAist, and Near Pacific, we will be able to pull off various immersive experiences and events that will be monetized via AR and NFT tech. The restaurant will also have a robot bartender from York Exponential to help create buzz and attract customers to connect with an ambassador of tomorrow.

The second floor will be a startup incubator intended to teach about the creation of business models for web 3.0 based on DApps of NEAR Protocol. The Academy will take advantage of the NEAR Education fellowship programs as Entrepreneur-In-Residence and Developer-In-Residence to generate. Every NEAR Certified Developer becomes an essential part of the NEAR Ecosystem, in the long term is needed to document and specialize the knowledge that is being created with the NEAR Hispano community. NEAR Certified Developers can become part of the Open Web Academy to expand and document their skills in their NEAR DApp development. In collaboration with Near Hispano and Open Web Academy we will host 2 NEAR Certified Bootcamps: Near Certified Analyst and Near Certified Developer., The main output of this project is highly specialized documentation created and shared with the NEAR community such as Web3 Talent accelerator by TavernXR to a talent pipeline for Launch Academy in Vancouver

Duration: 8 months. (For Set up and launch. Self-sustaining afterward)


  • Marketing campaign focused on universities, developers, and entrepreneurs as an invitation to the Web 3 startup academy in collaboration with our Ambassador Program.
  • Design of NEAR Certified Game Developer Bootcamp with the NEAR Hispano education team.
  • Design of NEAR Certified Architect Bootcamp with the NEAR Hispano education team.
  • 1 NEAR Certified Instructors bootcamp every 2 months.
  • 1 NEAR Certified Entrepreneur bootcamp per month.
  • 1 NEAR Certified Architect bootcamp per month.
  • 1 NEAR Certified Game Developer bootcamp per month.
  • Daily tracking session with fellowship students.

Project metrics (8 months):

  • 300 NEAR Certified Entrepreneurs.
  • 200 NEAR Certified Architect.
  • 100 NEAR Certified Gamer developers
  • 10 NEAR Certified Instructors.
  • 10 DApps launched on mainnet.
  • 30 medium articles of highly specialized topics about NEAR development.

This proposal will be executed by the Mexican Art Machine team in Mexico:
*Martin Montero @Montero * → NEAR Mexico City Lead, 20 years of experience in Accelerators & Cowoking, 5 year of experience in Spatial tech and immersive Web and Project lead
*Juan Diego Lebrija * → CEO of Mexican Art Machine and NFT Project lead
Michael Redding → 25 years of experience in Art galleries, Ad Agencies, and tech with sotheby’s, Marvel, Nintendo, and AMEX. - Gallery & Experiential marketing project Lead

Mexican Art Machine → 2 or 3 people helping to support the activities.


Hi Martin,

Awesome to see Mexico City involved in Web 3.0 and NEAR Ecosystem, here some thoughts I can have about this:

Does this place already exist or it will be created for this project?

Lets talk inside NEAR Hispano who will be designing this programs in order to not overlapping the work, part of this was also proposed in the Open Web Academy. CCP @Cristian @cristinavlous @luzmargaritas

Same about this deliverables, maybe once designed the bootcamp you can teach it.

Can we think also in #nativonft ? :grin:

Lets keep talking about this great idea, anything I can help you know where to find me :wink:

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