[Approved] Launch of Near Mexico City Meet Ups & Nodes

Good day! I am Martin Montero (https://twitter.com/Montero) founder and lead of Near Mexico City. Which we started working on in December of 2021. Started working on in January of 2021.

I have been working in startups and building entrepreneurship communities for the past 20 years. I help build the Bootstrap Austin Network which was one of the catalysts for making Austin a hub of entrepreneurship activity. I help start and grown the US network of Impact Hubs. I was the national programs director for Startup Champions Network. a US based organization that helps ecosystem builders across the country build and foster their entrepreneurship communities and evolve them into ecosystems.

More on my background: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martinmontero/

This is for Meetups in Mexico City to build out and support our community. Hosted by Near Mexico City.

  • Near Mexico City

  • Funding scheme: Monthly

  • Initiative summary, be sure to include: We have created a 4 Node strategy to build our community in this global capital. 4 different types of meetups focused on 4 key areas of building the Open Web Protocol in Mexico City to support our long-range plan:

These meetups will be in Spanish. For the LATAM community. Use Near Material translated into Spanish by the Near Hispano Guild.

There are 2 Web3 meetups in Mexico City. Both in are English. Both are targeted to foreigners. Both are in the neighborhood where all the foreigners live.

Our events for Mexico City are 100% focused on the LATAM community and in our languages and cultural frameworks.

  • Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem/community

We are building the Web3 HQ in Mexico City. Coworking, Accelerator, Hackathon (Pagoda), Labs, Demo Days, a startup investment fund, and DAOs. These meet-ups will help us build out our community and brand.

$250 USD per meetup. From May to December 2022.

  • Total requested amount per month in USD and NEAR (price based at the time of posting): $1000 USD 73.4 Near

  • NEAR Wallet ID: Montero.Near

  • Wallet owner’s name: Martin Montero

I will add the cost break down spread sheet.


Good evening.

  • Access denied :neutral_face:
  • Could you please introduce yourself , your experience?

Overall, I support your proposal, but suggesting reduce budget to 1-2 meetups ($500), show results and after that request another one grant.


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I support this initiative. It’s a great idea. Martin is a greater leader and has been working tirelessly.

When we at KreskoFi (synthetic assets on Near, ie, stocks) were in CDMX, Martin was supportive and went beyond expectations to help bring the community together. And without any monetary or other expectations.

He truly loves building this and aligned w Near’s mission of creating education led communities. You can see some of the work here. https://twitter.com/auroraisnear/status/1508567895219003403

  • Deepak, Founder, Kresko

Hi Martin

I support this project! From what I can tell, Mexico City is a great place for this type of series. The meetup that I went to with Kreski.fi at IVO Condesa was really well put together. I look forward to more of those this summer, so I can get to know the Web3 community better.

Btw, what is Evolusie?


Hi @Dacha ,

  • Can you please request access to the doc and I will gladly give it to you. I can’t make this Google doc public.

  • I have Edited my proposal with my introduction.

I have already done several meetup over the past 3 months. Most of them self funded.
Happy to send you all the results. All these partnerships that Near Mexico City has created as a big part of those results.

I have spoken with a few folks at the foundation and it was them who told me to that for the events I write this proposal here.

I am writing a larger grant request for the entire proposal for them foundation.
The Pagoda Web3 Startup platform is help with the Hackathon funding.

The larger budget for this project was already approved by the foundation for the Regional Hub Project.

Happy to chat more if you want more in-depth details.

Thank you. :grinning:


Hi @Montero thanks for submitting your proposal.

I am a big fan of developing regional groups but would like to suggest that we normally like to disburse funds based on a monthly plan and report. This allows everyone to see how your project develops.

Could you introduce other members of your team and provide links to community social channels?



Sure. Monthly is what I was thinking. Not the lump sum. I simply put that on there because I thought it was required that I do that.

Tomorrow I will add those links to the other team members. One of the key partners already replied to this post. Deepak. the CEO of Kresko.fi. I will add more tomorrow.



Martin is a person of action. I am looking forward to engage more with the community the NEAR CDMX team are building. Also, the experiences can help open new nodes in other parts of México and Latam.


Good evening @cryptocredit,

Here is a list of our team and partners. A few of them have written in this post already.
Some of them I am still working on getting them to create their Gov. forum account.

We have a few core contributors and a large network of partners. Here are some of the key folks.



Hi Martin,

Happy to support this proposal on a monthly basis with monthly reports. Could potentially move to quarterly depending on the total amount requested.

I’m curious to learn about the distribution channels, how would people find out about the upcoming Meetups?

As a side note, I will be in CDMX until May 7th, looking forward to connecting in person. I believe CDMX is a great city and could easily become an international hub in the same way that Miami has (but much, much more affordable).

Thanks, AVB


Hi @Montero – Thanks for your proposal. You’ve gotten a lot of good support on the Forum for this project, and I can see that you have a solid track record of community building.

I agree with @satojandro and @cryptocredit – if you can update the proposal to a monthly funding request and give details on why the funding amount is what it is (people usually submit a spreadsheet outlining budget details/costs for events), then I will be able to support it.

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Without a detailed breakdown of the expenses, I cannot put my support behind this.

I can see from the comments you’ve put that together already.

Even a loose outline on the proposal would help the rest of the community understand your project budget allocation.

Before giving my approval, I need to see this.

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Good day @Klint, @cryptocredit, @satojandro & @so608,

Thank you for your feed back. I have edited the proposal to me monthly.

I will create a spreadsheet with the cost break down.

Here is an overview of the full strategy (way beyond meetups) for the Near Mexico City community that we have been bulding. Near Mexico City Strategy. - Google Docs


Thanks Martin,

Proposal has been approved. You can now proceed with the Poll Proposal on AstroDAO so Council members can formally vote there:


After the Poll has been passed, and you’ve completed KYC with NEAR Foundation, you can proceed to request payout directly with them.


Good morning, please follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO




Thank you. I will head over to Astro DAO.

I did my KYC with the Near Foundation about 2 months ago.



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@satojandro @cryptocredit @Klint,

Hi, sorry for the delay. I have been a bit sick with food poisoning of late.
I am feeling better now and back at work.
Here is my Poll Proposal:

Good day @cryptocredit @satojandro & @Klint,

I am following up on this to see if I need to do anything else.

Wishing y’all excellent health and a wonderful day!



Did you submit the Google Form requesting payment to the NEAR Foundation after the poll got approved?

Hi @satojandro, good afternoon. Don’t worry about it. The issue has been solved.

After the poll was approved no one on the Marketing DAO council sent this form or gave clear next steps. Your advice was “After the Poll has been passed, and you’ve completed KYC with NEAR Foundation, you can proceed to request payout directly with them.” Them who? You did not even bother to vote yes or no. The Community Pay Out Form would have been beneficial to share, even via a private message. It seems that would be part of the responsibility of being entrusted with the position in the Marketing DAO. I followed up a couple of times. I got no clear response. There is some clear room to improve this process here.

Thanks to the kind help of someone on here, who is not part of the Marketing DAO council and who actually took a couple of minutes to clearly explain the process to me and send the form to fill out I finally got to fill it out, got a reply, signed the agreement and now waiting for the transfer.

Have a good weekend.