[PROPOSAL] WAKA matches people in the metaverse for friendship, love, and networking

Status Quo

  • 80% of GenZ feel lonely¹. 50% of the awake time we spend on the internet². The metaverse is the closest thing to the human touch in the digital world. 86% of GenZ consider their online relationships as important or more important than the real ones³.
  • Metaverse is a 63.08 billion dollar market and growing at 43.4% yearly⁴, while for 32% of people, the main reason to join the metaverse is socialization⁵

Our Solution

Users can choose digital spaces (rooms) on waka, which fit their interests. There they can get matched with another person with whom they have a lot in common (same meme taste, same NFTs, matching Horoscope, or matching personality). Matched users are then teleported into the metaverse (3d worlds), where they can continue to interact with each other. Users come back to find new matches and strengthen their social bonds by exchanging NFT-artifacts and finding new metaverse experiences.

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Current stage:

  • web app with seven custom rooms
  • constructor for creating test-based rooms (Roblox for finding social connections)
  • our web app is connected to Discord and Telegram bots.
  • Users logged in through Telegram or Discord get notified when they get matched.



  • 80k matches already happened on waka
  • some rooms show up to 42% 30-day retention rate
  • 80% of our users are looking for friendship
  • 0.22$ average CPR

Goals and Objectives:

This Near grant will allow us to develop the functionality below.

  1. NEAR Wallet login integration
  2. Integration of our first 3d world. It will be done through a partnership with Amber metaverse (supported by Human Guild, powered by Near protocol)
  3. System of motivating current waka users (Telegram and Discord) to add Near wallet to use exclusive metaverse features
  4. A waka room for Near ecosystem networking. Startups, devs, artists, and investors will be able to find each other
  5. Additional NFT-functionality:
    5.1 NFT-marriage, two people register their relationship in the eternal blockchain
    5.2 NFT-gifts, give your match a present
    5.3 NFT-achievements, remarkable users of waka will be rewarded with NFTs


Value for the ecosystem:

  • The metaverse (3d worlds) get new users who have a burning desire to socialize
  • The metaverse (3d worlds) retains users more efficiently when users in those worlds are interconnected with social bonds
  • Users will know if some cool stuff is happening on the metaverse because we can notify them through Telegram or Discord and send them to the metaverse
  • We create a smooth transition from the 2d world into the 3d world
  • Users get the benefit of a more immersive experience with their matches compared to text messaging
  • Exploring the metaverse is always more fun if you are not alone

About the team:

WAKA is a team of 5 professionals who met in April 2021 and has attracted 180,000$ from 6 angel investors.

:portugal: CEO Dzmitry Leukavets with the 6-year of experience in the blockchain industry, leading marketing campaigns for blockchain startups and publishing research cited by Yahoo, Binance & investing(.)com.

:austria: CPO Stanislav Gogaev has 4-years of experience building social gaming startups and leading Software and Game development teams.

:de: CTO Ilyia Savchuk and the rest of our development team have more than 20 years of software development experience and experience leading development teams at EPAM, EVA Studio, and RocketDAO

website: https://web.waka.cool/

telegram bot: <link/picture>

discord bot: <link/picture>

discord community: <link/picture>

twitter: <link/picture>

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instagram en: <link/picture>

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hackernoon article: <link/picture>

¹Source: <link/picture>

​​²Source: <link/picture>

³Source: <link/picture>

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⁵Source: <link/picture>

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