[Approved] August 2022 Marketing for Waka

Hello Marketing DAO! It’s waka here. We have already made a very cool dating app with more than 8 matching mechanics and 70.000+ registered users. Recently we got a grant from Human Guild for developing the digital sandbox for finding friends and dates on NEAR. Now we want to show you our marketing plan and hope you will like it. Let’s go!

There are our previous proposals to other NEAR communities:

Waka introduction
waka was born one year ago as a response to increased loneliness and lack of social bonding opportunities in the digital world. It has incorporated gamification techniques to take away the burden of breaking the ice and finding ‘friends and dates’.

We have assembled the Bonding DAO from 6 projects and 160 researchers and industry professionals to find the solution to the problem of loneliness and build a metaverse of Socialization projects on the NEAR Blockchain.

Our achievements
Waka have a lot of successful marketing activities:

  1. We have really good experience in influence marketing. More than 100 influencers have already recommended waka to their audience (here is part of them). On average we have CPC - $0,10 and CPR - $0,15. So now we developed our projected growth and started to grow at 20% a week from August.
    Recently we have launched a payable test with an Ukrainian influencer and our lead costs $6.15 (it’s 19 times less than average for european dating market). And the most important thing is people already pay for using some waka features! Now all we need is to scale this traffic channel.
    Our main goal is to popularize our solution to European and American influencers because influencers have 70% from profit of these tests. And this solution will work using NEAR!

  2. Our instagram page has 693 followers and every post on average has more than 500 engaged users. We know how to make viral content: our best activities without marketing budget was toxic test post (4848 people reached and more than 8000 new users), friendzone test post (4257 people reached and more than 3500 new users) and post collaboration with ukrainian digital agency about Gen Z (2341 people reached and more than 500 new users).

  3. A Twitter account was made this winter and now it’s 124 followers but on average every post got more than 400 impressions. We make 3-4 posts every week and sometimes launch spaces. There is one of them in collaboration with Mintbase and Amber Metaverse.

  4. Bonding Association DAO. It’s a discord community about web3 and bonding we launched on ProductHunt. There are 6 projects here (4 of them on NEAR) researching the web3 industry and looking for ways to fight against loneliness. Projects here are free to collaborate and like to share their news and interesting surveys. Now there are 160 researchers here with zero marketing budget.

  5. Our team really likes collaborations. We think this is the best way to make cool products. So last months we making a lot of activities with other projects:
    It’s The Teleport To Metaverse Animation Contest launched with Mintbase and Amber Metavers. With Amber Metaverse we decide to make collaboration: after you get a match in waka you will teleport to Amber to socialize with your couple. We asked Near Community to make an animation of this teleportation and get a super cool result!
    We made a collaboration with Intimatica App. It’s a member of Bonding DAO. And now if you want to complete a test about your personality in the Intimatica app you will be redirected to waka.
    In collaboration with NEAR Meme we launched a meme competition about waka. Result was more than 60 memes about waka on twitter by #wakamemes hashtag.
    And we already have the results of this activity. Projects from DAO are now developing their joint solutions.

Waka roadmap
Next 4 months we plan to make this activities:

  1. Create NEAR Wallet login integration.
  2. Flow for wallet creation for non-crypto users
  3. Development of creator economy rewards (for room creation and room sharing), token-gated access to rooms and use of community tokens in all other waka-rooms for matching between token holders.
  4. Set up influence marketing with their exclusive payable test. We have already checked this type of marketing. The next step is to scale this traffic channel. We want to pay influencers in $NEAR. This is also a task for our developing team to create a reward system.
  5. Development of waka Social Graph, Digital Identity and Social Reputation infrastructure. Opportunity to enrich Digital soul through finishing waka-rooms.

Marketing plan and funding details
We can divide waka marketing activities into a several main tasks:

  1. Social Media Marketing. We use social media to attract new users and work with already registered people. It’s one of the most important tools to keep the audience’s attention.
    We use instagram, twitter and discord for the SMM.
  2. Influence Marketing. We have already tested a lot of traffic channels but this one works better than others! We can attract each user from Europe for less than $0.30.
    How does our influence marketing work? Our marketing team in cooperation with influencers develop a special test inside the waka app. It’s an exclusive payable test. The audience of an influencer must pay us more than $1, and 70% of income goes to the influencer. Yes, it’s exactly the Creator’s Economy! In the future we want to pay 85% of income to influencers automatically using NEAR.
    And we already have plan for this activity. Our main goal is a gradual growth of waka and accustomed influencers to pay in $NEAR.
  3. Special Events. We really like to try new marketing activities. For example we launched Teleport to Metaverse Competition and Meme Competition. Our audience really likes to interact with waka in different ways.
  4. PR. We have big experience in marketing for digital products and understand that if you want more attention and more audience, then mass media must write about your product.
    We already have publications about waka in hackernoon, startupjedi.vc, etc. and the goal for the next 4 months to make MORE!
  5. Influencer marketing on TikTok. Over the past 2 years, we have seen many growth cases from products using this traffic channel. We have experience in this type of user acquisition. Our goal for the 4 months is to achieve predictable user growth with TikTok influencers.
activity budget
searching and communication with influencer $400
influence marketing reward $500
tiktok influence marketing $100
twitter, instagram, discord posting (4 posts/week) $500
social media advertising $200
special events organization (2/month) $100
special events rewards $100
PR $200
TOTAL: $2100

Why we really like NEAR Ecosystem
Currently waka has 70.000+ users and majority of them are non-crypto. Those users came to our app to solve their loneliness problem and not for short-term monetary gain. Those users more than others need smooth onboarding and seamless user-friendly experience. NEAR can offer infrastructure for building web3 apps with web2 UX. Additionally, the Near ecosystem of projects is highly cooperative. This allowed us to build a DAO of projects looking for solutions to the loneliness problem. Currently, the Bonding DAO members are: Amber, Nepbot, Popula, Moodbot, Intimatica, TelegramSurf, Waka and 150+ industry specialists.

Expected impact
We plan to succeed at bringing web2 users into Near Blockchain for the following reasons:

Our priority is to create a smooth web2 experience in a web3 app. Our web2 users will need to acquire Near wallet in order to grow their digital identity and benefit from all other perks, which Bonding DAO has to offer.

We have vast knowledge of attracting web2 users to our app (waka currently has 70.000+ registered users). We will continue to apply our knowledge in attracting new users and converting old users into web3.

Together with popula.io from Bonding DAO we develop a social graph and decentralized reputation of our users. All other projects of Bonding DAO will gradually be connected by this infrastructure. This will allow us to turn Bonding DAO into a Metaverse of Sozialisation Projects.

Waka’s creator economy is designed as a viral system, where any representative of some community can create a matching and socialization space specifically for their community in minutes and then share it in that community. Room creators and room promoters are rewarded for their contribution. Thus waka and Near network are being spread virally.

Total amount requested: 2100 USD IN NEAR
Wallet: waka_marketing.near
Hryhorii Tynenik, waka CMO

AstraDAO Poll: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-472


Ok, happy to support.


Definitely an interesting initiative with a cool angle. Thank you for the level of detail and historical info. You have my support.


Hi Waka,

Thanks for your proposal, you have my support.

Few Notes:

I’m really excited to see more Web 2 apps w real users expand into Web 3. NEAR has an incredibly powerful tech stack that enables apps to create smooth user experiences I would suggest:

  • Check out Sweatcoin, they have been able to create wallets for millions of users while removing the traditional crypto friction;
  • Connect with the NEAR Ukraine (now based in Lisbon, Portugal) and NEAR Balkans. Both regional hubs have strong technical teams and Product Labs, I am sure they can help you craft the user experience that finds the right balance between your current product, the vision, and incorporating the NEAR tech stack.
  • Is the team attending NEARCON? I would strongly suggest having a presence there; that will be 1000+ attendees that could try the app, provide feedback, and ideally become users and ambassadors to promote product. NEAR ecosystem is small but extremely supportive of new products, specially good ones that we believe could be engines for growth.

Moving this proposal to Approved. You can now proceed to create a Poll on the Marketing DAO AstroDAO so Council members can formally vote. Once the Poll is passed, you have to submit this form to NEAR Foundation to request payout (requires KYC). Reach out if you have any questions.

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hello! Thank you for your support it’s important to us!

  • I’ll check the Sweatcoin thank you for suggest
  • Waka have already connected with NEAR Ukraine and in may we won in their hackathon “Help Ukraine” :slight_smile: Really cool guys
  • yes! Our CEO @promen_svitla located in Lisbon and of course he will attend on NEARCON