[Proposal] Video shoot for 2 x Dj sets for Ravespace

Proposal for a payout request to Createbase DAO for the the following:

A few weeks back we were invited to record Dj sets for Ravespace - Berlin’s first virtual live only club.

We produced 2 x 4k video streams 4x.wav audio streams for 2 dj sets with a blue screen background for the project at a studio in Lisbon-Marvila at Anjos70’s new location. The venue was hired to this effect and a blue screen was up-cycled by the artist residing in the studio. The shoot took about 5 hours.

We’d like to request the following:

100$= video/audio production/post-production/transport expenses
150$= Studio rental, blue screen paint, labour, desk set up
150$ x 2 for dj sets

Total = $550 = approximately 52N as of 02/11/21

Target addresses:

vandal.near : 150 $ djset + 50$ (1/2 production) = 19N
tolga.near : 150 $ (djset) + 150 $ (studio rental) + 50$ (1/2 production) = 33N

(Tolga will pay the studio fees or onboard the resident if possible)


Submitting my payout request to Createbase DAO now for 19 N. You can find it here - SputnikDAO cc @caromintbase

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Hi all! Hope you’re all well…just a gentle reminder that the payout for this has now expired and i need to pay the studio…It would be great if we could sort this out soon…Many thanks again for having us :pray:

This is disappointing… Hopefully we can have this sorted out ASAP. I’m going to need to submit it again as well. @squattingPigeon did you also submit yours?

No worries…life happens…will resubmit now!