[PROPOSAL] Twitter Spaces events on Web3 for Entrepreneurs

Proposing Guild: Syzygy guild
Guild council: @mafor @debenick @reina @beet93

Proposal budget: $320

After our introductory Spaces event, and as we pinpoint how we can bring the value and impact we hope to, the Twitter Spaces event stood out as a direct way to reach and engage with people. So, we have decided to explore it more by hosting 4 more events this month.

1 of the events will be general, speaking on the evolution of the internet in our context and Web3.
3 events will be tailored to entrepreneurs and how they can find value in Web3 and NEAR.

Hosting and internet connection: $80 x 4

Expected outcome
Initially, we will be looking to see an uptick in our numbers from last month/events and also more people interested in onboarding. We are looking forward to this translating to more growth of us in social media.

Hopefully, we can spark curiosity and have people ask questions, and go out on their own to research and explore Web3 and the NEAR ecosystem.