[PROPOSAL] Syzygy x Self-ish zoom workshop for Self-ish writers

Proposing Guild: Syzygy guild
Guild council: @mafor @debenick @reina @beet93

Proposal budget: $150

So, we onboarded Self-ish last month and we are excited to hold a joint workshop where we can exchange with the writers of the collective. The workshop will be focused on Web3 and NEAR, and how both can be leveraged by writers.

This is scheduled for the last week of April or the first week of May.

Hosting and internet connection: $100
Possible onboarding, other logistics: $50

Expected outcomes
We expect to give the participants a comprehensive umbrella idea of Web3, NEAR ecosystem and how they can be beneficial to them as writers today.

We also hope to onboard as many Self-ish writers as possible.